“Anacrusis” will be played early in January

In the latest video development blog of developer Stray Bombay, co-founder Chet Faliszek confirmed the studio’s first game, Anna Cruzis, Will launch the first three episodes of Early Access on January 13. The video also provides some insights on how the company considers feedback in game development.

Stray Bombay is composed of former Valve and Riot veterans, hoping to differentiate itself through a new interpretation of classic prototypes. Ancrusis is a Left 4 Dead-style cooperative shooting game that takes place on a spaceship. The whole game has a 60s atmosphere. The new footage shows crowds of humanoid monsters swarming, and it feels like Left 4 Dead in the new skin.

The difference may lie in how closely the studio works with early-access players and fans. “We want to be able to actively cooperate with the community, not just react to errors or similar issues. We will change the game meaningfully based on the community,” Faliszek said.

Interestingly, we are now experiencing the trend of a Left 4 Dead-style shooter with The Ancrusis, Back 4 Blood and Aliens Fireteam: Elite making a comeback—albeit at the helm of the veterans of the Left 4 Dead era. It feels like the danger of repeating the same mistakes, of course, but wandering Mumbai is likely to be keenly aware of this road and want to open a new one.

For its part, Back 4 Blood does seem to have found a way to differentiate itself. Players rewarded this with groups of concurrent players during the test. Developer Turtle Rock Studios continues to improve the game now.

Ancrusis will be available for early access on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC on January 13, 2021, and will appear in Xbox Game Pass.