Andaseat Navi Edition Gaming Chair Review

Fans of the Natus Vincere esports team will be thrilled to hear about Andaseat’s new Na’Vi Edition gaming chair. In fact, anyone who finds fun in the wild world of brightly colored decor but still understands enough about the importance of ergonomics will love this canary yellow racing-inspired gaming chair. While it’s essentially just the Na’Vi-themed aesthetic of the Dark Demon gaming chair we reviewed last year, for a little more money it brings a welcome dose of welcome to the intense, harrowing world of eSports enthusiasts Sunlight.

Andaseat Na’Vi Specifications

maximum record. high: 200 cm
Maximum weight, static: 170kg
recline: 160°
Material: PVC leather
armrest: 4D
color: yellow, black with yellow trim
Sale price: $450 (£370)

Of course, the most striking thing about this chair is its color. There are very few high-end gaming chairs made with full banana glow PVC leather, but somehow Andaseat succeeded. It’s certainly a talking point for anyone streaming, vlogging, or otherwise showing off their seating arrangements. Plus, seeing this golden throne every morning for the past week has put me in a good mood.