Animal Crossing: New Best Characters in New Horizons

Fans ask for more Animal Crossing: New Horizons The content and the boy made a Nintendo delivery.On Friday, Nintendo not only announced the 2.0 update, including shiny new features such as cooking and cozy coffee shop, but also Happy House Paradise DLC You can decorate houses for villagers there.

But Direct is not just about all these new features-the event is also a Who’s Who of Animal Crossing characters, and the red carpet if you want. The classic celebrities of the franchise like Brewster and Kapp’n are back. Shining stars like Niko the Monkey captured the hearts of the audience. Nintendo even announced a brand new list of villagers.

The announcement was full of people, and not every character shined in the hype of the event. So, Polygon decided to collect some outstanding people to see who is the hottest and who failed on Friday’s Nintendo Direct.

Monkey Nicole

In the announcement, there is a clear winner: Monkey Nico. Niko is a newly announced role and works for Lottie’s Paradise Planning. The monkey wears a small straw hat with a yellow strap. He has snow-white fur and big ridiculous eyes. His petite figure makes him more cute. After seeing him, his fan art and screenshots flooded in. Here, we have his fan art sitting on the cutest throne in existence: the frog chair.

Manatee Wardle

Not every character’s debut screams for cuteness. Manatee Wardle attracts fans with its soft charm. In the trailer, we can see him hanging out in the store, drinking coffee while fanning himself. Wardell, like Nico, worked for Lottie, and the two formed the perfect dream team.


Who is Lottie? Oh, yes, technically, she is one of the new main characters of DLC because she runs the Paradise Planner business. Her subordinates Wardell and Nico definitely stole the limelight. I only know her because she happens to be the boss of two real stars. It’s not that she is not cute, but that it is difficult for her to compete with two superstars. Her debut was definitely a failure.

Fawn Shino

Shino deer absolutely stunned fans during the live broadcast on Friday. Although she was confused by the announcement of the whole village, she was better than a group of people. She has red horns and the eyeliner is very sharp and can cut you. We caught a glimpse of her briefly while she was wearing a kimono on the snow-covered bridge.


Sasha’s shiny eyes and green fur have attracted countless fans. Wearing a classic school team jacket, the rabbit looks like it stopped on the island after participating in the homecoming game. Just like Sinon, Sasha also aroused fans’ interest in this particularly exciting pair.


Brewster finally ushered in his debut Animal Crossing: New HorizonsHe came here with his coffee shop, where you can drink some java and hang out with the villagers. Although Brewster is undoubtedly one of the big stars to appear on Friday, we have to say that he could have better grasped the timing. The problem is not that his coffee shop isn’t amazing-it’s that it appeared before a lot of other news. This timing put Brewster in a rather boring position, he is not necessarily the “big star” of the event, so people use memes to tease him.

Head robot

Who is this robot octopus? You don’t know, I don’t know, because Cephalobot’s announcement was broken. It’s not that we don’t like a good octopus villager, but his appearance is a bit stiff. There was a sense of lifelessness in his eyes, not in a funny way, but in a way of “please stay away from my island”.

However, it is unclear how players will visit some of these villagers.We know Brewster will come to update, but Nintendo has not clarified how New horizons Players can visit other people such as Sasha and Wardell. Nintendo shared a photo of a new amiibo card that will be released on November 5th, which includes villagers such as Niko and Shino. However, Nintendo did not say whether they can be moved to your island randomly, or whether they can only be added via an amiibo card.

These two Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 update and happy family The DLC is scheduled to be released on November 5.