Animal Crossing: New Horizons-Cooking Crops, Where to Get Wheat, Flour, and Potatoes

It’s such a perfect fit, it’s a miracle, it hasn’t happened yet. Animal Crossing: New Horizons Function now DIY cooking recipes, So you can set off a storm with the ingredients you grow on the island, such as Wheat, flour, potatoes and tomatoes.

Growing crops and making your own dishes according to recipes is the main part of Sims, but so far has not been in “Animal Crossing”.

Using DIY cooking recipes, you can make unique meals, display them around your house, or use them as a new way to get energy from smashing rocks and cutting trees.

Here is all the information you need to know about setting up your own farm in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, including where to get the crops we have discovered so far.

But before you start, Remember to go to the city hall and buy the cooking recipe starter pack from the Nook terminal Drive a few thousand Nook Miles around the corner.

How to get wheat, potatoes and other agricultural products in “Animal Crossing: New Horizons”?

Just like the basic fruit tree you have had since the beginning of your life on the island, your island will have a local product such as wheat, tomatoes or potatoes.

You can start by buying Leif for your local products, So wait until he visits your island, or go to Harv’s island and invest in Leif’s booth to let him stand permanently in the shopping plaza.

Another place to find crops is on the undeveloped island you visited with Kapp’nIt takes a lot of luck, but you can catch a lot of potato, wheat or tomato plants on some of the islands you visit, so be sure to travel every day.

Finally, you can visit other players to buy products that are different from the local products on your island. You can search for people who have access to the Leif version on Twitter, Reddit, or Animal Crossing community sites, and they have the kind of start you need, or they can provide you with crops themselves.

In the end, you should be able to obtain a variety of different plants through a combination of these methods.

How do you cook and make flour in “Animal Crossing: New Horizons”?

To start cooking, please go to your home and place cooking items such as stoves, stoves, ovens, stoves, or electric stoves.

Press A on the cooking item to bring up the recipe menu, and you will see all the dishes you can make.

This is also where you process raw materials in secondary ingredients such as flour.

When you have the right ingredients in your inventory, cooking is as easy as interacting with the oven.

How do you farm in “Animal Crossing: New Horizons”?

Farming is also very simple. Once you have the crops you want to grow in your inventory, dig a hole in the ground and plant the crops in it.

The crop will grow on its own without additional care. But if you want to increase production, you can water them every day.

Where do you get more cooking recipes?

In addition to the Nook Terminal starter pack, you can also purchase another pack of recipes from Nook’s Cranny’s Timmy and Tommy’s cabinets.

Later, you can get more cooking DIY recipes from bottled messages and inspirations.

Visit the island with Kapp’n and get bottled news and have the opportunity to follow new cooking recipes. Or, you can fish in the sea and rivers until you catch a fish for recipes. Then, you will get inspiration for a dish that uses it.

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