Animal Crossing: New Horizons Happy Home Paradise Tips-How to design the best room for your clients

You have painstakingly planned every piece of furniture in your residence, but now it’s time to create a perfect cushion for the entire island villager happy family DLC Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Although you don’t have much judgment about what you provide, in order to get the best response to your work in Happy Home Paradise, you need to have a keen insight into interior design, a strong sense of style, and most importantly Yes, you must have the ability to draw inspiration from the explanation, and leave the rest to your imagination.

If you have already won the HRA gold medal for your house, then you should keep up with the pace, combine Feng Shui, create set rewards, and group similar items to get the best results.

You may even have played a derivative product of “Animal Crossing: New Leaves”, Happy Home Designer, this DLC is also a spiritual sequel.

But regardless of your familiarity, in order to please the most discerning customers, here are some important tips for us to build the best room in the “Animal Crossing: New Horizons Happy Home” DLC.

How to build the best room in Animal Crossing Happy Home

  • Make the most of customers’ favorite items

First of all, one of the basic mechanisms of Happy Home Paradise is that your customers have their favorite items and they definitely want you to include it in your design.

What is less clear is that you can use these items multiple times in the finished room. You can achieve interesting symmetry, or mirror the decorations on different sides of the room to incorporate eye-catching features that your customers will love.

  • How do you know what customers like?

Happy Home Paradise allows you to easily complete different tasks by grouping compatible furniture into the “order” menu. However, your customers prefer certain objects in the order menu more than others, and it is not obvious what they are.

You can judge which items customers like by their reactions when they stand at the door.

Depending on how much they like the item you just placed, your customers will respond with a heart, an exclamation point, applause, or just a satisfied nod.

However, since there are no penalties or restrictions on placing and removing items, you can actually send all items in the order menu to spam on the ground, write down which items will get a good response, and then design around these items.

  • Manually go to the “Plants” section to characterize your outdoor location

In addition to designing a perfect interior design, you also need to design beautiful gardens for your clients. However, plants, flowers, shrubs and trees are rarely included in the relevant “order” menu.

If you think some leaves are particularly suitable for your current theme, please don’t hesitate to switch to this menu manually and place any number of leaves.

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