Animal Crossing: New Horizons Happy House Paradise Paid DLC announced, launching next month

Nintendo announced the Happy Family Paradise expansion pack for “Animal Crossing: New Horizons”, and the paid DLC will be launched on November 5th next month.

This DLC was announced during today’s New Horizons direct, and it brings a lot of details about the last major free update of the game. Happy Home Paradise brings an archipelago to New Horizons, which will serve as a workplace for your villagers. There, you will act as a paradise planning designer, coordinating the “dream lifestyle” for other villagers in the game.

Basically, you will design a dream holiday house for the people on the islands. This includes helping them design the exterior, interior, yard, fence, and everything about them-if you want to design more than just your own house, then this extension is for you.

The goal is to make your customers happy with their vacation home. You can adapt to their personality by modifying the season and time, and then you need to design their home accordingly. You can partition walls to create new spaces in existing rooms, and you can add counters, pillars, etc. Players can also combine different soundscapes to integrate the entire design into a perfect and harmonious living space.

Another function of Happy Home Paradise is the ability to polish objects. Sometimes it just cleans them up, but sometimes, it may create new effects for the project. For example, polishing some flowers may bring them butterflies.

Nintendo said that the new furniture will be unlocked when you play the expansion pack, and you need to regularly check with holidaymakers in the house you design to see if any newly unlocked furniture suits them. This seems to be a necessary condition for customer satisfaction.

Some characters may want a facility rather than a dream home. Nintendo showed schools, restaurants, and classrooms as examples of these possible facilities. In addition, you can use the Happy Home Network to visit the homes of previous customers and view the designs of players from all over the world. Using online connections, you can even view their designs for inspiration.

Some features of Happy Home Paradise can also be taken home to your own island. For example, you can use design techniques such as pillars or partition walls in your own home. In addition, you can bring back souvenirs from the working islands to your neighbors. As time goes by, they will become more and more interested until one day they ask you to design their dream holiday house.

Happy Home Paradise will be released on November 5th, the same day as the last major free update released by New Horizons.Go to Game informant For more details, please break down this new update. Happy Home Paradise is priced at US$24.99, or, for users who subscribe to the new Nintendo Switch Online expansion pack, DLC will be included.Nintendo also revealed the price of its new Nintendo Switch Online expansion pack, and Details can be found here.

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