Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been updated to version 2.0.0

You may remember that as early as October 15th, Nintendo held a special “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” direct sales event. You may remember that during Direct, Nintendo announced a major content update, which will land on “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” on November 5.

Well, Nintendo decided to release the update a few days in advance. After updating the game, “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” should be version 2.0.0. As mentioned earlier, this update includes a series of new content that is being added to the game.You can view the official list of some updates and the tweets that reposted the news below

  • Brewster will open a cafe: There is something new in a corner of the museum. After you meet certain favors of the museum director Blathers, the quiet boss Brewster will open the habitat. The Roost is a new place for you to relax and enjoy a selection of coffee. You may also meet some islanders here. If you use an amiibo phone in the cafe, you can use a compatible amiibo card to invite other characters to join you. If you want, you can even invite friends*** to your island and take them to Roost to enjoy a relaxing coffee cup.
  • Take a boat trip with Kapp’n: Kapp’n is hanging out at the pier, he will take you to a remote island on his boat. Along the way he serenades you the sea hut is also part of the fun! You may arrive at an island with a mysterious flora you have never seen before, or an island with different seasons and times. What kind of mystery awaits?
  • Mining gyroscope: So far, fossils can be dug out from the ground, and now you can find gyroscopes. Each gyroscope plays a unique sound. When you place them, you can even customize them to match their environment!
  • Shopping at the open market of Half Island: Harv’s Island is being updated. With the help of his friend Harriet, Harvey invited some shops to open the market on the island. Contribute the bells to this cause to help achieve it! Familiar visitors on your island, such as Redd, Saharah, and Kicks, will now set up shops here, and Reese & Cyrus’ shops will provide furniture customization that cannot be done with a DIY workbench. In Katrina’s shop, she will check your fortune for the day. Harriet can even teach you some different hairstyles!
  • Cook: Cooking will be added to the DIY recipe. After planting tomatoes, wheat, sugar cane, potatoes, carrots and other vegetables in your garden, you can combine harvests or other ingredients to put delicious dishes on the table. Enjoy while it’s hot!
  • Further support your island life: Nook, Inc. will provide further support for your island life. From the collective stretch on the square and the larger family storage room, to the residents representatives being able to formulate regulations such as reducing the growth rate of weeds or allowing all residents to get up early, there are more options to help you enjoy and adjust the island that suits your lifestyle.