Animal Crossing: New Horizons Shopping Plaza-How to build every store on Half Island

One of the most exciting comeback features Animal Crossing: New Horizons Is Shopping plaza on Khaf Island.

As his entrepreneurial streak shifted from wedding photography, Harv has repositioned his island as the prime shopping destination in your area. Talk about an out-of-town shopping center!

There used to be visitors to your island’s home from special suppliers who regularly rotate, you can now set up permanent booths for Kicks, Sahara, Leif and even the naughty Redd.

When each supplier is not in a regular position outside the city hall, if you can pay for their start-up costs, you can find them here!

More importantly, the newlyweds Reese and Cyrus will customize the furniture in their studio, and you can let the mysterious cat Katrina interpret your wealth for you.

Finally, it’s official: Tortimer is still alive and kicking. You can build a small hut for an older tortoise so you can easily access your home storage space to meet Cyrus’ custom work without having to fill up your inventory beforehand.

Here is everything you can do at Harv’s shopping mall in “Animal Crossing New Horizons” and everything you need to build all the new stores!

As you increase the facilities on the island, you can find Brewster here and unlock The Roost cafe in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

How to set up a stall at Harv’s Shopping Plaza in Animal Crossing New Horizons

It’s easy to start using Harv’s shopping plaza co-op apartment. Just go to the airport and ask Orville to arrange a trip to the island.

Next, follow the road on the right next to Harv’s shack to the square.

Here, Harv built the shop with the help of your old friend Lloid. Lloid’s friends-also called Lloid-each person needs 100,000 bells to complete the work of each booth.

But remember, that You can only build one store in the shopping mall every day. Be sure to give priority to the stores you are most interested in, so you don’t have to wait for nearly a week to know what’s available!

After you save enough cash and hand it to the clumsy Gyroid, the store of your choice will open the next day.

We have listed which store below.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Harv’s shopping mall store list

This is each store you can add to the shopping mall in “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” and its role.

Some are more exciting than others, while others are just fun. Don’t forget to continue talking to Harriet, because she gave you a new hairstyle!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Harv’s shopping mall list
In-game description Villagers cost Store function Store location
Distributor of exquisite shoes and handbags Kick 100,000 bells Various accessories and shoes Bottom right corner
A “legal” art dealer Reid 100,000 bells Sell ​​art and furniture Middle right
The most environmentally friendly botanist Leif 100,000 bells Shrubs, plant beginnings and seeds Upper right
Talented husband and wife furniture renovation team Rees and Cyrus 100,000 bells Custom special furniture Upper middle
A veteran who can give you access to home storage space Totimer 100,000 bells Easy access to all storage space (you can use Wilbur to send things home) Upper left
Businessmen who provide carpets and mysterious wallpapers Sahara 100,000 bells Beautiful wallpapers and floors can provide you with more HRA points than others Center left
A mysterious and accurate fortune teller Katrina 100,000 bells Can improve your friendship with ordinary villagers Bottom left
not applicable Harriet Build another booth Cut your hair, teach new hairstyles By the campfire in the middle

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