Animal Crossing: New Horizons update adds a much-needed white fence

860 days have passed since Nintendo’s debut Animal Crossing: New Horizons The trailer at E3 2019.This means that 860 days have passed for “Animal Crossing” fans and the future New horizons The player-first caught a glimpse of a white fence, which turned out to be a white whale.

Without any choice New horizons‘The release date is March 2020, and eager “Animal Crossing Friends” fans tore up the existing trailer to get any clues about what is about to happen.Therefore, when the players are surprised New horizons There is no white picket fence shown in the trailer. Of course, players are not without fences: there are many other options in the game, including a brown version of the very popular white picket fence.

That is–until New horizons The 2.0 trailer was released on Friday. The new fence option is listed as part of the new features, and Nintendo slyly nods to the cravings of the white picket fence. Fence customization is one thing now, which means one thing: white picket fences!

Not only that, but one of them New horizons‘The most popular “illegal” item-Harv’s fence-will appear in the game on November 5.Unlike the white picket fence, Harv’s fence used to be exist New horizons, But players basically can’t access it…unless they break the fence into the game.For several weeks, Harv’s fence (called the log fence in the 2.0 update) has been New horizons, Through transactions, gifts and sales.

Unfortunately, Nintendo’s 2020 Halloween update cancelled the player’s ability to use some hacked items, including Huff’s fence. Puff, they are gone-the fence slid into the void.

Harv’s fence (now also called the log fence) will return to New horizons It was just over a year since the hacked fence was demolished.

Nintendo’s free New horizons The update will be released on November 5th at the same time happy family Advanced DLC. The fence will be launched as part of the free update.