Animal Crossing: New Horizons villagers finally come to our home

Many of us were shocked animal Crossing: New horizons The 2.0 update dropped two days in advance. There are many things to do on your island, from taking pictures with a new professional camera to meeting old friends. But one of the updated features does not require you to do anything, except to open up, be a good host, and try not to be weird.That’s right, I’m talking about the villagers visiting you New horizons Home-an expected feature that many of us must try immediately.

I mean immediatelyMany of us have visited the villagers for the first time, and we have enjoyed all the fun (and boring) of these visits. In addition to checking the space and catching up with you, there are some things your villagers might do when they invite them into your home.

Admire photos of yourself on the wall

If you hang a portrait of any villager in your home, they will appreciate and appreciate it-or maybe a little shy, depending on their personality. This is a good contact that brings friendship into a complete circle, and it finally gives players a chance to know that their villagers appreciate love.

Look at the rich seating options-then sit on the floor

You decorated your home very beautifully and got the A+ Happy Home Academy rating. But guess what? Your villagers don’t care! All they want to do is meet you and hang out where you hang out, and when they do, they will sit wherever they want. This includes being comfortable on the floor.

Sitting on pet bed

The size of the pet bed has been bothering me. It seems to imply that there are smaller cats and dogs that may use the bed, lying on the bed in the traditional sense? But it is impossible for me to test this theory. Of course, I can give one to a dog or cat villager-a bit like giving a hamster cage to a hamster villager. Anyway, I was totally wrong! Our villagers actually only use pet beds like ordinary seats. It’s fun, but in hindsight, considering the game’s sense of humor, it doesn’t seem to be entirely unnecessary.

Use facilities

Many of us went to our villagers’ homes, only to find them on the toilet—a golden throne if you want—with magazines in their hands. Obviously, our villagers are not ashamed, they are going to see us just to go to the bathroom… in front of us.

Laugh at you for having cockroaches-then leave

If you, like me, were a little negligent on your island before this update, you might get this special treatment. If your villagers visit and encounter cockroaches, they may immediately go straight to the door. I can’t blame them. I also don’t want to stay in a home where cockroaches are infested. Nevertheless, for those who have been waiting for this day, it was a debilitating blow-just letting their villagers visit and then turn around.

Play a cute card game

When villagers visit, they will try not to let their welcome time be too long-they will tell you that they plan to go out before going out the front door. But there are some additional dialogue options that allow you to invite them to stay longer, and even play some high and low cards to pass the time.

Give you a picture of yourself

What kind of guests suddenly show up at your house and give you a picture of their face?Only yours Animal Crossing: New Horizons The villagers can escape by luck! (That’s why we love them.)