Animal Crossing: New Horizons: What is a storage shed and how do I unlock it?

Nintendo shows off an external home storage system Animal Crossing: New Horizons In its October announcement, players were allowed to access stored goods from the warehouse. But it turns out that after downloading the 2.0 update, Wooden storage shed and Storage shed (two separate projects) cannot be used immediately.

Conversely, they will be available after you upgrade your home storage to a storage level of more than 500,000 Bells, which means you also need to have a fully upgraded house. You can do this by visiting Tom Nook at the Resident Service Center and paying Tom Nook 500,000 Bells (if you haven’t already). (If yes, please skip this step.) The construction will be completed the next day and you will be able to visit the storage shed at the Resident Services Office.

Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo via Polygon

You can use Nook Miles to buy DIY recipes for wooden storage sheds-the price of which is 6,000. Remember, this item will only increase when you reach the 500,000 Bells storage level at home. It costs 30 pieces of wood, hardwood, and softwood to make it, plus 10 pieces of iron.

It can be placed anywhere on the island and has full access to your home storage, which is very convenient. If you place more than one of these around the island, you will always have easy access.

The second shed, called the storage shed for short, can be found in the Nook Miles shopping catalog below the list. This is a real thing, so it will be delivered to your home the next day. It works exactly like the wooden shed, but it looks a little different.Speaking of different appearances, each of these sheds can be customized like other items New horizonsIn any case, it can match your island.

Neither shed will expand your home storage-just provide access to what you already have. However, it will grow with further home storage upgrades.