Animal Crossing: New Vision’s professional cameras are amazing

For many fans, Animal Crossing: New Horizons It’s about small details. When players design their islands, it’s obvious how much effort the fans put into crafting these islands. Whether it is through carefully placed objects or customized items to distort the perspective of visitors, or through extremely detailed interior home decoration, the creativity of players seems to be bottomless.

Before the release of the new 2.0 update on Wednesday, we mainly saw these worlds from top to bottom-each amazing island is like a small diorama, an encapsulation of the island designer’s vision. Now, the new Pro Camera app (which you can unlock now) gives players the opportunity to watch from a first-person perspective, thereby taking this appreciation to a whole new level.

For the first time in history, we, as players, can see the world from a first-person perspective and experience the true beauty and detail of each island. We can enlarge the level of our little villagers and occupy their space. This is the first time we have stepped into the dollhouse we created. Players have already posted how beautiful it is.

Go to the museum immediately and use the camera

Museum in New horizons It’s always special. This space-using iconic themes from previous games-quickly became a place to hang out at the beginning of the pandemic. Among all the offerings on the island, it stands out. Mainly because the well-designed and planned space is full of awe, reminiscent of a museum in real life. A feeling of reverence is only now that we can really walk through the space and look up at the glowing pavilion as the butterflies dance around us.

Although “Animal Crossing” has always looked cute and full of details, we can now zoom in. Here, we can even see the dots in the pointillist inspired by George Seurat’s “Sunday in La Grande Jatte”. As the camera pans, we can see the warmth and depth of the space, and for the first time we truly appreciate the fruits of our labor from our own perspective.

The house has never been better

The camera is not only suitable for museums-it is almost perfect for family travel. Now, for the first time, we can explore your and others’ homes in full 3D. This is very practical and also allows us to see how the space works or not. More importantly, in your home, you can completely turn around and see what you have done.

Similarly, zooming in on some household items will show an amazing level of detail in their designs.

The camera is also not limited to magnification or first-person perspective. Another important addition is that players can now capture their islands from a real bird’s-eye view and can also change the angle of the camera. So now you can enjoy a top view of the amazing outdoor area, if that suits you better.

But getting the camera is not just to show off these magnificent old spaces. It’s also about seeing old and new friends in different ways. The new option allows us to capture friends on the move and see what the world you are building for them is like. You will see how oversized the sunglasses you gave your villagers-when they see you, how their smiles occupy their oversized heads. We finally got the yearbook of the time on the island.