Animal Crossing: Who is Brewster and why are people excited for him?

Animal Crossing players’ favorite coffee throwing pigeon is entering New horizons In the November museum, Nintendo confirmed this in its Direct presentation on Thursday, September 2021. Of course, we don’t have a lot of information yet, but Nintendo has let us know about the latest expansion of Animal Crossing: The Roost, which is open 24/7, by posting a new logo in the museum in its short film.

Nintendo provided an early study of what might be a new space, although it was covered with illegible text. Longtime “Animal Crossing” fans immediately know what this implies: Brewster will open his coffee shop The Roost on your island.

Image: Nintendo

if New horizons It’s your first animal crossing game. You might be wondering: Who is Brewster? What is a habitat? Why is everyone so excited about his coming here? We already have the answer, so you can get acquainted with this bird before Nintendo’s upcoming “Animal Crossing Direct” (Animal Crossing Direct) launch in October.

Who is Brewster and what is the habitat?

Brewster is well-loved and has been loved by fans since his debut in 2005 Animal Crossing: The Wild World. Since then, he ran a coffee shop in various game museums until New leaf, When he opened his own shop. You can find him behind the counter; he is a pigeon in small round glasses and a beautiful vest with an apron.Naturally, he is passionate about coffee-and consistently Wild world, City folk, with New leaf.

Although his specific behavior is slightly different according to the game we are talking about, Brewster is usually a bit shy at first-a bit like a sable in a clothing store. The more you drink coffee, the more you will get to know him, and he will start to become more friendly. Sometimes you can get special drinks, such as pigeon milk. (He is also very particular about the way players drink coffee: if you don’t drink hot, you will be against him.)

A pigeon in a vest

Image: Nintendo Environmental Protection Agency/Nintendo

Brewster is also very fond of gyroids, Animal Crossing’s unique little cactus-like characters, sometimes still alive.exist City folk, Players can store their favorites in The Roost.

exist New leaf, Brewster’s role becomes more complicated. He is still tossing coffee there, but players who become friends with him can choose to order takeaways and eventually find a part-time job at The Roost so that you can also make coffee for the villagers. Regular customers of The Roost can also drink special coffee.

What will he look like New horizons?

Well, the short answer is that we don’t know yet. Nintendo will host Animal Crossing Direct in October-it doesn’t even have an exact date yet-before he arrives in November with a new free content update.

However, it is implied that The Roost will move back to the museum. The logo, a green pigeon holding a cup of red coffee, appeared on the logo posted by the museum. After the editing, Nintendo had a screen showing his face. The blurry image briefly displayed during Thursday’s live broadcast may also be the interior of The Roost. No matter where it is, it looks really comfortable!

Considering how consistent Brewster’s role has been in past franchises, it seems likely that he will offer coffee.Of course, things can always change: in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, A mobile game, Brewster organized a sweet harvest event called Brewster, which distributed gifts with the theme of “vineyard” to participants-such as a bucket of grapes and a lattice.

What’s the big deal?

It sounds like Brewster didn’t add Your The gameplay of other games in the “Animal Crossing” series is correct to a certain extent. The coffee he offers will not bring any specific benefits to the character who bought it; the motivation is that you can be friends with another character in the game world. For me, considering the daily rituals that attracted me to join the “Animal Crossing” series, Brewster’s presence feels very natural. I would pull out the weeds, water the garden, and get a cup of coffee from Brewster. The Roost itself also feels like a community gathering place, another place where you can interact with other villagers. In addition, KK Slider often performs there! Rescue the dog from the rain and enter the habitat.

Many people also really enjoy working part-time at The Roost New leaf. Serving coffee is a fun little game that feels different from any other games currently offered New horizonsMany fans are eager to see what Nintendo might iterate there.

Others are also excited about the prospect of the gyroscope returning to the game.Because The Roost is the place to store the gyroscope City folk, Some fans hope that Nintendo will put the staple of this series back into the game New horizonsIf this happens, it means finding and collecting a large number of new items on the island—and a new set of game objectives.

Is there anything beside Brewster?

Image: Nintendo Environmental Protection Agency/Nintendo

It seems very possible!Given how long Nintendo has not been substantive New horizons Update, players are eager for more things that can make them grit their teeth. In the Nintendo Direct on Thursday, Nintendo hinted that the update is not just about Brewster-in addition to Brewster’s image, there are some words that read “There is more!”

As for what “and more!” refers to anyone’s guess, but we will learn more about it at Animal Crossing Direct in October. We will promptly notify you of the exact date of the event.