Animal Crossing’s paid DLC Happy House Paradise is a designer’s dream

Following the surprising packaging display centered on Animal Crossing last month, Happy Home Paradise DLC was released. This paid DLC, Nintendo said that this will be the last of New Horizons, providing players with the opportunity to become a new career as a holiday home designer. The cost of the experience itself is US$24.99, but if you get the membership of Switch Online + Expansion Pack, Happy Home Paradise will be bundled together for free. So, is the design life worth the bell?

For a few hours, multiple happy holiday home customers, and even my promotional activities, my biggest takeaway is that if you don’t like design space, then this kind of expansion means little to you. If you are attracted by Animal Crossing to collect museum exhibits or make a fortune in the Stalk market, Happy Home Paradise may not be for you. However, if you feel dizzy when thinking about combining the perfect themed rooms together, then this DLC will allow you to design content to your heart’s content.

The expansion started with the simplest job interview I have ever experienced. Was called to the airport to meet Lottie, a character who made his debut in “Happy Home Designer” 6 years ago. Despite my complete lack of experience and ridiculous semi-diving and semi-cooking costume, I still got her company Paradise Planning. Position. However, the appearance of aquatic cooking did not last long, because after meeting my lovely new colleagues Niko and Wardell, Lottie put me in a uniform. After the first trial run, the process of finding customers and creating dream vacation homes followed a predictable pattern.

With my official company clipboard, I sorted out the expanded central island for potential clients. This task became easier because everyone on the island dreamed of their perfect vacation home. Just get close to holidaymakers to get a glimpse of what design they are looking for. Don’t like the idea of ​​building a robot factory or a home full of mushrooms? Move to the next villager. When I finally find someone with an interesting vision, I will negotiate with them, choose a location for them, and understand their decoration requirements.

Then go to the site to decorate the exterior and interior of the house. Even before entering the house, there are multiple menu options available for landscaping and changing the appearance of the building. I can change the appearance of the bridge, adjust the weather, exchange building types, build fences, plant flowers, etc. As soon as I enter the door, the decoration required by the customer (which has been conveniently delivered to the location before you arrive) is waiting for me, and there is a list of useful recommended furniture and design options that match the customer’s creative concept.

But don’t worry about deviating from these suggestions; it is almost impossible to disappoint potential homeowners. As long as I have essential items in my house, I have a happy customer-even if I don’t decorate anything. After completing a certain amount of successful work, I started to unlock new features, such as polishing furniture to make it glow, unique DIY recipes, or large-scale facility renovations. At the end of each project, I will also receive Poki rewards, which is an in-game currency that is only valid on the hub island.

I am not a fan of Poki. I can use it in Paradise Planning’s small store to snap up unusual household items, but I can’t directly consume it on my home island, which greatly limits its usefulness. Similarly, shooting my interior design masterpieces for the company’s portfolio has strange limitations. The game only allows me to submit the last photo I took. I accidentally took another photo and lost some of my favorite photos. However, just like some weird and frustrating features in the base game, these are not enough to hinder having fun in the DLC.

Except for some hard-to-find materials-such as glowing moss and vines-some fresh furniture items, DIY and decoration techniques, if the player skips Happy Home, it seems that they won’t miss too much. Especially the free update released last week introduced a lot of things to the game, such as cooking with Kapp’n and boat trips. But for “Animal Crossing” players who like to create imaginative homes, Happy Home Paradise is a perfect way to stretch these creative muscles without tedious production, customization or collection to turn your vision into reality. All works required.