Anime based on Ubisoft’s Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon announced on Netflix

Get ready for explosive action and neon color aesthetics! Ubisoft’s Blood Dragon standalone extension was impressed in 2013 with a clever parody of action movies, video games, and cartoons from the 80’s and 90’s.A new anime based on the beloved gaming experience called Now Captain Laserhawk: Blood Dragon Remix Working, and it has some great talent. Adi Shankar, the showrunner of “Akumajo Dracula”, is the creator and creator. Peeped, We are dealing with visuals. The anime was announced on Netflix’s Geeked Week live stream.

Shanker Captain Laser Hawk, Saying that it has been inspired by several different things since Saturday morning at Nintendo Captain N: Gamemaster Elseworlds’ cartoon Shankar to DC Comics, which focused on stories that happened outside of DC Comics, also referred to his one-shot fan movie. Bootleg universeHe made a creative and dramatic reinterpretation of the greatest entertainment properties, which is why he worked with Ubisoft to create this project.

Captain Laser Hawk It took place in the parallel universe in the 1950s, with widespread automation, great spillover, high unemployment and economic destruction. A major tech company called Eden will emerge, giving everyone basic basic income and, as a result, beginning to exert social control. Cybernetic-enhanced super soldier Dorf Laserhawk is the main character, who escapes from the Eden army and commits the last robbery, then abandons this life and tries to escape to sunset with his boyfriend. is.

“The animation for this show will be great,” Shanker said in a live stream. “Like a love letter to everything that grew up as a kid in the 90’s, we really wanted to bring you something different, something unique, and a confluence of different animation styles.”

A teaser trailer was screened that mixed the retro style expected of the series with the sensibility of a more modern anime. I also showed a race sequence that looks like a video game. We will add trailers as they become available on the Netflix channel.

Ubisoft also took this time to announce that there is another Far Cry anime in a work separate from the Shanker project, but provided no details other than displaying the Far Cry logo. .. That is, I don’t know if it follows a particular game or locale for a video game. Please wait for a while for more information.

That’s not the only adaptation of the new video games on Netflix. The company also revealed that it is also working on a new Castlevania Dracula series starring Richter Belmont.