Another id Software game was rated

By Dom Peppiatt
June 29, 2021 10:45 GMT

Another new id software The title has been evaluated in Australia, and this classification document is Project 2021B – But what is it?

Earlier this year, Doom Eternal VR was revealed early by the Australian Evaluation Board when the game “Project 2021A” was categorized in the “Virtual Reality” category. Two months after the classification was discovered, the studio announced it was for Doom 3: VR Edition.

Now, The evaluation committee is on it again (via Gematsu). This time around, we’ve seen a slight development in the naming convention, and the game’s features are listed as “online interactive features.” And, of course, the id property is evaluated as M.

But what is this newly revealed assessment for?

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There are rumors online that this may be a mysterious new Quake game under development in the studio.

Xbox Era’s Nicholas John posted a video Citing sources familiar with the developers, he states that a new Quake game is working on id Software and Machine Games. The game reportedly contains single-player and multiplayer content, which matches the classification of the Australian Board of Directors.

Given the age limit, this could also be a remaster or rerelease of the classic Quake game. We also know that adding fuel to the fire will bring QuakeCon back from August 19th to 21st. Are Bethesda and id trying to submit a classification before the stealth drop at the show? A stranger happened.

QuakeCon events have recently been shaped to include far more than id Software’s games, so it’s no surprise that Machine Games collaborations are coming to the event.

If the game is genuine, you can expect it to appear on the Xbox Game Pass on the first day and join the sound roster of other Bethesda titles on the service.

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