Apex Legends Canyon Map is back next week revealing Revenant heirloom

Here are some questions to all the consumers of my fellow Apex Legends out there: When was your last time playing at Kings Canyon? The majority of you may argue, “Well, Jay, just a few seasons ago,” and you’re right to say that. But what if I give you one and ask another question? When was the last time you played in the pre-season version of Kings Canyon? Yes, the original map released with Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale in 2019. Arenas with popular attractions (probably long-forgotten places) like Skulltown and Bridges. Now, starting next week, your beloved battlefield will spin in time for the new in-game event, so you’ll be swallowed up by nostalgia.

Genesis Collection Event Appetizing rewards are similar to previous Apex Legends celebrations in that they extend to cosmetic items (both characters and weapons), equipable stat cards, and more. You can earn a lot of rewards just by playing the game, but other rewards can only be unlocked with in-game currency or real money.I’m beyond excitement for both my main cool skins – Watson and donkey – are dropping at the same time! But I know why you are really here: The Revenant Heirloom has been revealed. I don’t want to ruin anything completely, but the man is reminiscent of a grim reaper for a reason. You can see the behavior of his proximity option by watching the trailer above.

Other upcoming changes include fixing lifeline hitboxes, balancing rifles such as the Spitfire and 30-30 repeaters, updating Arenas with a focus on weapon prices and ability kits, and the convenience of tracking duels. Includes scoreboard. Real-time and quality of life adjustments. However, the biggest update focuses on Watson. She can use Epic Emote to place multiple Nessies on the map at once. Up to 20 Nessie is the maximum. This is a feature Watson players have been waiting for throughout the season. ..

The Genesis Collection event will begin next week on June 29th and will continue until July 6th. Did you save money to buy the Revenant’s heirloom? Please tell us your thoughts below!