Apex Legends Dark Depths event starts January 11th and runs until February 1st

Respawn Entertainment unveils the latest Apex Legends The Dark Abyss event will start on January 11th and run until February 1st.

Dark Depths will include a new Arenas map called Habitat, themed cosmetics to turn your legend into horror from the depths, and you’ll be able to enjoy weekly Flash Events.

With the new habitat map, you’ll be playing on one of the smallest islands in the new Andilian archipelago. Known as Habitat 4, it is known as the “Leviathan Breeding Ground” after an early IMC research team found that large numbers of native leviathans were attracted to the island.

The terrain of Habitat 4 has eroded and changed over time and features a large waterfall, as well as caves and lairs on high ground on opposite sides of the island. The new map allows for slideshows and quick escapes, giving you the opportunity to quickly support your team in the event of a split or overcrowding.

Pop-ups take place every week where you’ll complete challenges to earn a new set of unique prizes and badges. Key prizes include Apex packs, Holosprays, skins, and more.

There are also themed cosmetics, and legendary skins for Ash, Horizon, Lifeline, and Fuse can be purchased.

You can also claim the limited-time Dark Abyss Pack for 400 Apex Coins and unlock cosmetic items, weapon trinkets, trackers, and more. This pack is guaranteed to unlock a non-repeating Dark Abyss-themed event item, which can also be crafted using Synthetic Metal.

have fun!