Apex Legends Defiance Announced – Introducing Mad Maggie

Finally some new interesting story content Apex Legends community chews, as a new story in outland movie trailer Just went online.In this trailer, we see a fan-favorite character Mad Maggie Stand up for the crimes she committed against the Syndicate.

Not only that, but the trailer also made an announcement for the next season of Apex Legends – Defiance, which will receive an official launch trailer January 27. On top of that, Apex Legends: Defience will launch globally February 8.

But who are the characters this new season? The One and Only Mad Maggie – Seemed to be killed in the Apex Legends comics. As it turns out, she survived and ended up in Apex games through the process of this new movie. They appear to be rescued from execution by a mysterious figure and sent to the battle royale, which will serve as her sentence.

This was teased yesterday by the official Apex Legends Twitter account, which posted a simple Youtube link to the trailer that just went live. By the time it started, 30,000 people were watching the livestream.

It’s been almost three months since the last season of Apex Legend’s Escape released and took us to the tropical island of Storm Point and introduced Ash as a new legend we could play.

With Defiance hitting theaters on February 8, this new story from the Outlands trailer is much-needed news for a restless fanbase waiting for the next big update. Let us know what you think of the new trailer in the comments below!