Apex Legends: Escape Game and Crash

Respawn Entertainment is preparing to launch the next major update Apex Legend Soon, with the title Apex Legends: Escape, we were allowed to see all the new content coming out on November 2nd in advance

There is a lot of hype about this update, because there is a lot of new content that will completely change the Battle Royale, because we know it will drop at the same time. Therefore, many Apex Legends players are eager to learn about the upcoming content of Apex Legends: Escape. We have been approved to try this new update before it reaches the public server and have created a video to introduce all the changes so that you know exactly what will happen.

In our video, Dorrani shows us all the good things that Apex Legends: Escape brings. First of all, we first learned in detail about Xiaozhi’s abilities and the updated new legend. Before, we could only speculate about her abilities, but now we definitely know everything she brings to Apex games.

We also learned about the new map: Storm Point. This tropical island will be the largest map to date, with 17 named locations to explore. Not only that, we also took a closer look at the local fauna you can find, and we are happy to say that they are as hostile as the trailer makes us believe!

Dorrani also showed off the new CAR SMG, a hybrid light/heavy ammunition that uses a machine gun, which seems to be a welcome addition to the existing arsenal. We also summarized all the weapon and replicator changes brought by Apex Legends Escape, which will definitely change the metadata. Wattson has finally received some much-needed attention, so here is the power for Wattson!

Finally, we see that the ranking system in the Apex Legends Battle Royale ranking system has been overhauled. Although we do not yet have a complete list of changes, the changes we know will definitely improve the ranking game.

Apex Legends: Escape will be available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Switch and PC on November 2.