Apex Legends’ Escape has a new game trailer

A new game trailer Apex Legend The escape update has been released, showing a new map of Storm Point, a new playable character Xiaozhi, and a new weapon in the form of a car submachine gun. This update comes with a new battle pass for players to complete, as its release marks the beginning of the new season of the popular Battle Royale.

Storm Point seems to be a significantly different addition to the existing map pool in Apex Legends. As an island, it is certainly surrounded by beautiful coastal beaches and large rock outcrops that cover most of the island. These large natural structures surround small man-made buildings and small outposts, and seem to be inhabited by dangerous local wild animals that will attack them when the player approaches.

Then there is Ash, who has played an important role in the arena game mode since season 9 and is the villain of Respawn Entertainment’s previous first-person shooter: Titanfall 2. She is now ready to be a villain, and from her ominous voice-over in the new game trailer, it is clear that she has not caused trouble.

Ash’s abilities were also briefly shown in the trailer! She seems to have a unique throwable tether that can be attached to the surface and tied to enemy players nearby. It seems that you can still move a short distance while being hitched, but you cannot escape its range when it remains active.

We also briefly saw Ash reflect Gibraltar’s ultimate power with her sword. Whether this is a universal projectile reflector that can withstand all incoming damage is unclear, but if it can invalidate ultimate skills, it can be said with certainty that it is a very useful defensive tool.

Finally, the game trailer shows a brief introduction to the new CAR SMG. In addition to the ultra-fast rate of fire, the new weapon can also use light and heavy ammunition, making it a versatile weapon that can be carried with you in gun battles. There is an animation that uses CAR to exchange between ammunition types, so it seems that players must be careful not to exchange between different rounds.

Escape will kick off in Apex Legends on all platforms on November 2.