Apex Legends is coming to Arenas, a new sailing map next week

We’re approaching the final weeks of Apex Legends Tropical Season 11 Escape. But that doesn’t mean Storm Point’s waters have fully revealed all their secrets.

coming next tuesday, dark depths A wealth of new maps have been introduced for the Arenas mode in Apex Legends. The map, called Habitat, takes place in the caves and waterfalls that surround Leviathan’s lair — these massive mountain-sized dinosaurs can be seen in Kings Canyon. At first glance, it looks like one of the densest arena maps to date.

“Habitat 4 was inspired by the Leviathan and the feeling of fighting in their breeding grounds,” Respawn wrote of the new map. “It represents our vision for an arena in a natural environment, while staying true to the pillars of arena design. That being said, one of Habitat 4’s main features is a large waterfall. Over time, it eroded The landscape, the formation of ditches and terraces of different heights. Make this island a paradise for slides and quick getaways.

(Image credit: Respawn Entertainment)

Naturally, Dark Abyss also opens up a bunch of fishy new skins to our tropical murder buds.It seems that even Apex is not safe carcinogenic Ash becomes a three-eyed crab, and happy Aussie Fuse becomes “Broseidon”, the sea god.in a very targeted move my whole twitter personality, Horizon’s new outfit lets Splatoon’d see her in a pastel squid-themed wetsuit.