Apex Legends is embracing the Halloween spirit through Monsters Within

Many games directly enter this season’s celebrations through dress-up items and limited-time functions, and Apex Legend not excluded.

From October 12th to November 2nd, you can participate in the Monsters Within event, where you will work hard to conquer the Encore Arenas map, get special event-limited cosmetic sets, and buy some bundles from the store.

When it comes to fighting, you will travel to the Prophet’s home planet Boreas and fight on the Encore Arenas map.According to Respawn Entertainment, this layout has two high ground power locations

On one side, there is a VIP lounge with a platform, which provides direct combat and flanking options in the internal part.

On the other side is the performance stage, you need the support firepower of your teammates to control the area. here. The sides of the top of the seat ramp are wide and exposed.

Then there is the encore in the middle, which lacks an elevated position and separates the stage from the lounge platform.

F You will be happy to know that in the last week, Shadow Royale will return. This is the “dark version” of Apex Games, supervised by Revenant. In it, all legends killed will be reborn in shadow form to help the remaining teammates. Shadow life is infinite, and your team will not be wiped out until the last living legend arrives.

During the event, you need to complete challenges to receive weekly rewards, including Apex packs, an activity pack and a new Loba skin. The new member of the event is a special limited edition monster pack. These will run you 400 Apex coins, and you can get an event theme pack that is guaranteed to have non-repetitive event restricted items.

The new theme activity will introduce 40 new projects around the theme of “Monster Inside”. Monsters in items can always be crafted from metal. After two seasons, the cost of making metal for the monsters in the item may be reduced.

The Apex store will provide some classic skins from previous Halloween events, including Wraith’s “Evil Mistress” and Crypto’s “Deadly Byte” skin.

The bundle sale will last until November 1 to celebrate the Day of the Dead or Dia de los Muertos for those who understand Spanish. Here you will find the new Muerte Rapida bonus bundle, which contains the epic “Muerte Rapida” skin, the epic “Altar Ego” banner frame, and a matching rare “Flirting with Death” skin (for Volt and 2 Octane packs) ). Each is guaranteed to have at least one Octane project.

Three other related bundles will return to the store: the Loba Banshee bundle with the epic “Banches Queen” skin and matching epic “Ready to Raid” Prowler, the Dark Side of Gibraltar with the “Dark Side” legendary skin and ” Moonlight Bash” EVA-8 and Bangalore’s Soldado de la Muerte bundle, which includes the legendary “La Catrina” and “Soldado de la Muerte” skins and the legendary mastiff “Boomstick”.

You can choose to put them all in the Dia de Los Muertos bundle, which comes with 15 Apex packs.

have fun.