Apex Legends’ new map, Storm Point, is the largest map ever

Apex Legend‘Next season, “Escape” will take players to Storm Point, which is the fourth and latest map in the game.Monday’s world premiere trailer showed fans their expectations of the island environment, a glimpse of gameplay involving the latest legend, and the return of favorite weapons Titanfall 2.

Storm Point is a huge map, not necessarily a discrete biome, but a unique environment that alternates between the natural environment and the interior of the building. Gravity cannons can help players traverse it. Of course, the developers at Respawn Entertainment want players to notice that they can launch weapons, throw grenades, and use tactics or ultimate skills during transportation. Players can slightly control their trajectory and avoid falling into any dangerous places.

Prowlers (they are lizard beasts), aviators (er, aviators), and spiders will also appear to harass everyone and provide you and your team with some PvE encounters. We also saw CAR SMG (at 1:30 in the trailer) and Ash’s abilities, including restricting her opponent’s tether-although they can still fire and use other abilities.

Apex Legend: Escape This is the 11th season of the hero shooter, starting on November 2nd.this Respawn’s official blog post There is more information about storm points.