Apex Legends’ newest character is Ash from Titanfall 2

Ash finally joined Apex Games.this Titanfall 2 The role is the next legendary rebirth entertainment to join Apex Legend.

Ash is a Simulacrum pilot, or a robot with a human mind.In this case, the human being is Dr. Ashleigh Reid, a former partner and apprentice of Horizon-she is in top notchThe new “Stories from Outland” video.After Ashley betrayed the horizon and was finally abandoned, she became the phantom Ash, in Titanfall 2. After she starred in “The Fall of Titans”, Xiaozhi let her go Apex Legend She has been responsible for the arena mode, but now it’s finally time for her to join the action as a playable legend.

One thing we don’t know yet is exactly what Ash’s toolkit will do.Although she is a talented pilot Titanfall 2, this Apex Legend The character version will have both Simulacrum’s memories and Dr. Reid’s memories, so when she finally arrives in the arena, she may combine her doctoral wisdom and combat abilities.

Ash’s supplement top notch Will be part of the game’s latest seasonal update: Escape. The new update will be released on November 2nd, including map updates and some additional surprises that Respawn hasn’t announced yet.