Apex Legends next-gen update launches with 4K resolution and 60fps, more upgrades on the way

Apex Legends remains one of the most bombastic and frenetic battle royale games on the market. I’ve been covering its development for a while, but today’s drop in the Warriors Collection event could bring the most notable and anticipated change to Respawn’s Titanfall adjacent shooter in years: a next-gen update. This upscaling kicks off with 4K resolution and 60fps along with other exciting features. However, further additions are underway.

according to European players, the next-gen version of Apex Legends comes with the aforementioned upgrades as well as higher draw distances (not all improvements apply to Xbox Series S) and high-res maps. Granted, Battle Royale’s comic book aesthetic may not be as jaw-dropping as a game with “realistic” graphics, but it’s nice to see new detailed textures for characters and geographies.

Many console fans are waiting for 120fps, which is certainly on the way. European players “More features coming soon include 120fps, more visual and audio improvements, and haptic feedback and adaptive triggers on PS5,” the report says. I mostly play games on Xbox, but even I can’t help but want to See what Apex feels like with the DualSense controller when the next update is implemented.

The Warriors Collection event brings 9v9 control mode back to rotation mode with a Caustic themed map called Caustic Treatment. Additionally, a new Arena Drop-Off is coming to the 3v3 playlist. Be sure to watch the trailer above for more info.

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[Source: Eurogamer]