Apex Legends server issues may not be resolved within a few days

Rebirth I’ve already talked about various issues about player disconnection and server errors in Battle Royale, Apex Legend, Until the patch is pushed to the game on September 22, it may not be fixed.

If you are a regular player of Apex Legends, you may not be surprised to hear that popular FPS games are experiencing server problems again. The latest issue does not come from hackers irritated by Respawn’s handling of the Titanfall series, but from-what seems-a patch that has recently been introduced to the game.

Develoepr Respawn itself has confirmed the current server problem, and the studio stated that it has noticed that the number of disconnects from the game on all platforms is three times the usual.

The developer said in the update: “Despite improvements today, we still see that the normal rate of disconnection errors in @PlayApex is about three times that of normal conditions. It may take until we download on September 22. A planned patch Via twitter“We will extend the current ranking division by one week-the update will go live on Monday.”

These issues seem to have started when Respawn launched the latest major update of the game, which introduced the Evolution event, which added new skins and made some considerable changes to the legendary city wall.

This update is also to address overly strong tapping technology (an advanced game technology that allows players to perform fast-moving changes without affecting speed and momentum), but the update to remove this technology was later postponed. Respawn pointed out at the time:

“Sports is sacred in Apex. We carefully weigh every change in these systems and value feedback. After further testing, we came to the conclusion that we need to spend more time on this issue to ensure relevant sports The mechanism will not be caught in a crossfire.”