Arc Raiders, a collaborative shooting game from a former EA developer, was announced at The Game Awards

Arc strategyThe first game of Embark Studios, founded by former EA executive Patrick Soderlund (Patrick Soderlund), was announced tonight at the 2021 Game Awards.

This game is a free cooperative action shooting game where you will defend your home with your team and resist Arc’s onslaught-a mechanized threat from space.

In it, you will play a raider, they are a group of resistance fighters. With the help of the early warning system, you will work hard to protect your home from enemies falling from the tracks. Arc is not slacking, because they respond to any resistance with “increasing destruction.”

As a Raider, defeating Arc requires more than just “simply pointing and shooting”, but more than one person. To help solve the problem, you can clear the ruins of the past, use tools and gadgets to outwit the enemy, and use real-time tactics, surroundings, and physical advantages.

We first heard of Arc Raiders in February 2019, when some teases were released. This is the studio’s first project, but the studio has a second project under development. It is a team-based PvP shooter.

Arc Raiders is currently scheduled to be released on PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC in 2022.