Arcane Episode 5 Review: Dirty Cops and Dirty Deals

Netflix’s Arcane is finally here, and we are repeating every episode of it. Every Saturday before November 20th, Netflix will premiere a new three-episode series.You can read our Review Article 1, Or check our review Episode 4 with Episode 6.

Before we get into the content of episode 5, it started a fierce competition between the much younger Caitlin and the still alive Grayson. In their subsequent conversation, Grayson revealed that she was an enforcer and played a key role in guiding Caitlin into the army. Back at the end of our last episode, Caitlin interrogated Vi, who is now imprisoned, about the clues she found at the Jinx explosion site. Vi claims that this has something to do with Silco, and if she is released, she can find the evidence needed to lock him. Despite initial hesitation, Caitlyn accepted Vi’s proposal.

After the title sequence, we switched to Marcus, now a sheriff, who delivered a eulogy in the final episode at the funeral of the law enforcement officer who died in the Piltwolf explosion by Jinks. After the funeral, Marcus met Silko in the Undercity, and the two quarreled because Marcus asked for Jinx to be arrested because she was too unpredictable. Silco countered that if the council needs a scapegoat, Marcus should pass the blame to Firelights, the group that flew around on a hoverboard in the previous episode. Since Firelights poses a threat to Piltover and Silco’s actions, this makes sense.

(Image source: Riot Games/Netflix)

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