Arcane episode 6 review: bittersweet

Netflix’s Arcane is finally here, and we are repeating every episode of it. Every Saturday before November 20th, Netflix will premiere a new three-episode series.You can also read our overview Episode 4 with Episode 5, Or check our Recall Article 1.

The last episode of Act Two begins with another flashback, this time with young Victor playing in the waters of the Undercity. His toy boat floats in a cave and leads him to the scientist responsible for creating Shimmer-the one we saw in the first act. There is a huge pink lizard beside him. He explained that this was a rare mutation he had bred, but the lizard was dying, and he was trying to prevent this from happening. Victor asked if he could help, and the two joined forces. Time flew by, and Hemerdinger found that Victor was contemplating his diagnosis. The two sympathized with Victor’s imminent death.

Victor’s health is also in Jace’s mind. He came to Assemblyman Mel Medalda’s apartment and informed her of Victor’s diagnosis. Jace said that his illness was probably due to the poisonous gas he was exposed to in the Undercity when he was a child. Hextech can save people from the exact danger. At the same time, in the laboratory, the dying Victor finally made a breakthrough.

(Image source: Riot Games/Netflix)

Desperate times, desperate measures