Arcane: Wild trailer for League of Legends, Netflix release date revealed

Arcane, The animation series was inspired by League of Legends, There is a beautiful new trailer that debuted at Netflix’s Tudum streaming event on Saturday. The latest news of the series also shows that it will be released on Netflix in November this year, and more episodes will be released in the next few weeks. The trailer debuted after news that the cast of the show included Hailee Steinfeld (Spider-Man: Parallel Universe) As Vi, Ella Purnell (Undead Army) As Jinx and Kevin Alejandro (arrow) As Jace.

Arcane Will focus on two key relationships League of Legends universe. The first is the bond between sisters Vi and Jinx-they are both champions of the League of Legends. The sisters had a difficult childhood, but their different paths led them to a completely different adult life.There are several others who have appeared as key figures in their journey alliance Characters and a brand new face.

Picture: Riot Games

The series will also delve into one of the most interesting stories in Runeterra: the conflict between Piltover and the city of Zaun. Technically speaking, Piltwolf and Zuan are two cities in the same location. Piltwolf occupies the shiny upper level, and Zuan is the dirty lower level. But after Piltwoff cleverly toppled Zu’an over the years, Hextech’s invention began to change the balance of power, thanks to Zuan’s willingness to use it in any necessary way.

Arcane It is a joint production of Riot Games and Netflix. Fortiche Productions produces animations. Fortiche Productions is an animation studio that has collaborated with Riot in the past to create multiple League of Legends movie.

The first act of the series will be screened on November 6, followed by League of Legends The 2021 World Championships finals. The second act will end on November 13th, and the third act will be screened on November 20th. Each act will include three episodes.