Are the hobbits hot?They must be in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings

It is possible that very ordinary forces have caused the Hobbit in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings to become more or less popular. An important Hollywood movie will not stop at Ralph Bakshi’s “The Hobbit” or any similar portrayal of short, childish shoulders. For a movie, you have to dress up the main heroes beautifully, at least, make them thinner or even smaller. Save the classic hobbit features for various background characters and the cute beta version of Samwise Gamgee. This is how big movies work: good people are beautiful, and beautiful people are also very good, unless they are bad people.

Frodo, Sam, Meri and Pippin stand at the crossroads and play the hobbit heroes. Compared with other expeditionary forces, they are strange, but compared with other hobbits, they are noble. From two perspectives, the audience understands that heroism comes from the smallest place through the text and theme, but they are at the same time tempered to the opposite belief: these hobbits can only be heroes because of their appearance.

2021 is the 20th anniversary of the release of the “Lord of the Rings” movie, and we can’t imagine exploring the trilogy with just one story. Therefore, every Wednesday throughout the year, we will go there and come back again to study how and why these films can become modern classics. This year is Polygon’s Year of the Ring.

The truth is that for most of the time they appear on the page, the hobbits are humble and seem smart, and Tolkien is satisfied with it. “Their faces are usually kind, not beautiful,” he wrote in the preface. Lord of the Rings. He even called himself “all hobbits except size”. He has the same home mentality as the Hobbit, enjoying the small comforts of life and the fullness of his body. On the other hand, I have not seen John Ronald Ruel’s feet, but I know they are not leather-like and covered with thick curly hair.

In Tolkien’s universe, beauty is strongly racialized. (On earth, the same is true in Middle-earth.) Elves are amazingly beautiful, and humans can choose at will. In terms of appearance, hobbits often contrast with dwarves—less “sturdy and chunky”, have fewer beards, and are more closely related to humans. Tolkien clearly associates dwarves with Jews. “Of course the dwarves are obvious. Didn’t you say that they remind you of Jews in many ways?” He once said in an interview in 1971, “Their words are Semitic. Obviously, they are structured as Semitic. Hobbits are just plain English people.” It’s hard not to think of this as another parallel between the two. Lord of the Rings And Wagner’s Ring of Nibelungen; For a long time, its dwarf character has been considered a tacit reflection of Wagner’s intellectualized anti-Semitism.

Tolkien was also described by his biographer as a positive aversion to Wagner and tried to interpret Norse mythology as Nazi propaganda, and he severely reprimanded a potential German publisher Hobbit Want to know if he is of pure Aryan descent, Written in a letter from 1938, “If I understand that you are asking me if I have Jewish ancestry, I can only answer that I regret that I don’t seem to have the ancestors of those gifted people.” In short, it’s complicated, but how does Tolkien deal with this The alternative nature of difference makes people more compassionate towards Hobbits than others.

In Tolkien’s work, the dwarves are supposed to be different. They are neither completely aliens nor completely humans, while the Hobbits are good boys despite their hairy feet. Unlike the dwarves, the Central Hobbit is never laughed at, and, except for the most miserable moments of Frodo, the Central Hobbit is never pitiful. (Even Bilbo aroused pity after being tempted by Rivendell’s Lord of the Rings.)

But Tolkien took his racial taxonomy a step further, elevating Frodo, Bilbo, Meri, and Pippin above the other Hobbits, preparing them to do greater things than their compatriots. He described Northern Lawhide like them as tall, rare, artistic, close to elves, and easy to rule other branches of the Hobbit family tree. Of course, they are also more adventurous.

Tolkien believes that the source of the courage of the hobbits is not their rational ability or the basic vitality that unites us all, but their specific blood. Harfoot Sam is a hero because he is hopelessly loyal to Frodo and follows the Fallohide that Harfoots is used to. Smeagol only became the central villain in the environment and centuries of demonic corruption. Even so, he is still cowardly and pathetic, rather than imposing on others. Neither can exceed the points they assigned during the creation of Tolkien’s character.

The movie puts this complicated racial hierarchy on the faces of the characters. The four hobbits in the movie Fellowship stand out from their Shire environment, like a boy band in a sea of ​​music videos. They pop out from the entrance like stars. Frodo is pure, Meri is a bad boy (as bad as the Hobbit), Pippin is funny, and Sam is shy.

Frodo, Sam Wise, Meri and Pippin in the Lord of the Rings

Picture: New Line Cinema

No one is a complete heartthrob, because that will completely break the illusion of humble origins. (This may not apply to haircuts either.) But when they avoided Nazgul in the roots of the tree, the audience saw them huddled together in a perfect Rembrandt, and their dynamics had been established. Even if they were moved by the people they met and the experiences they went through, the hobbits did not really change much. After all, they feel honored for what they have always been, not because of who they have become.

The anointing of these heroes is not really surprising-this is how the sensational visual media works, even if the ordinary is important to the story.For example, a core aspect of the novel Queen’s trick Yes How plain the protagonist looksWhen adapted into a prestigious miniseries, the minor plot was cancelled and replaced by Anya Taylor-Joy starring. Once the heroes appear on the screen, it’s clear who they are. Someone might argue that the Hollywood filming process itself will immediately and automatically give a certain degree of heat and importance, a kind of charm. This is especially true for the hobbit, because nothing in the dramatic close-up will reveal someone’s height.

But see what caused this moderate heat Lord of the Rings The movie didn’t see any interest in this moderate enthusiasm. On the one hand, it brings Hobbits closer to humans. Boromir training the Hobbit does not seem condescending. The same goes for Aragorn to impart wisdom to the Hobbit. Merry and Eowyn can share enough connections that dozens of novels are shipping them on AO3 and

But this connection is so strong that the exaggerated human stories in the movie are gone because they explicitly exclude the Hobbit.Human characters like Denesor and Worm Whisper are less humane than Hobbits, and maybe that means Focus, But when Focus It’s your reaction to the character’s surface qualities, not something ViewThese plots not only emphasize the value of the hobbit’s simple virtues, but also their value as heroes.

However, the non-hobbits in the “Lord of the Rings” movie trilogy treat Frodo, Pippin, Merrie, and Sam as if they were coming out of a dirty, dirty, damp hole in the ground. They were fired because of their height, cultural orientation and lack of experience. One might say that it is devalued because of narcissism for small differences. Visually, they have completely different choices from other heroes, but the story casts them as children far from home.

Aragorn’s bow to the Hobbit at his own coronation should have been a surprise in some way. This kind of catharsis—the Hobbit finally got what it deserved—may work in another movie, but here, the audience feels like they are standing on the side of a gathering of well-wishers. Maybe this is because the hobbit just stood there awkwardly, in stark contrast to the swelling music and sentimentality. Our emotional experience oscillates between their feelings and the feelings we are told. The Hobbit withdrew to himself, and this moment became plain, with too much and too little at the same time.


Picture: New Line Cinema

This film tries to have it at the same time: The Hobbit can carry the sensational visual effects of heroism, but it cannot claim it. This would destroy their status as simple ordinary people and the virtue of humility that Tolkien wanted to celebrate. This is a double bondage of “you don’t know you are beautiful”. Perhaps Tolkien so easily assigned an overdetermined fate to his genetic engineering protagonist, because the world he created is so new and different from ours. The fantasy of Hollywood movies is even more prosaic, and our expectations of reality follow.

Hot means something, damn it. We all know its meaning, at least in the movie. I want to see the hobbit who owns it, do you know? Their enthusiasm or their plainness. Some self-esteem shows that they know themselves roughly, just as they know how to survive the tricks of an evil demigod.A well-calibrated self-esteem is not common in China Lord of the Rings, Movies, or text, but if you’re trying to learn from it, this is crucial.

If you want to believe that greatness exists in people you didn’t expect, then you must believe that they are great people. They are what they do, and unless they think they can do it, they will not do what they do. Frodo did not say that he would go to Mordor with the Lord of the Rings because he was very hot, but he did not say either because he was very humble.