Ares’ clipless camera makes adding ultrawide support surprisingly challenging

The PC port of God of War is an enhanced version of a great game with some features we love to see on PC, such as DLSS upgrades, a flexible FPS limiter, and ultrawide support. Lead UX designer Mila Pavlin told me that when God of War developers started working on the PC version of the game, the last one was obvious. “I think it’s just a great game for a widescreen format,” Pavlin said. “It’s got huge vistas, huge moments and cutscenes associated with it…so I think that’s really important for the team as we’re looking at how to best present the game.”

For a UI designer, getting a game to work well in ultra-wide ranges involves some fairly obvious tasks. You have to make sure that UI elements that are “pinned” to the corners of the screen in 16:9 are not uncomfortable on 21:9 monitors. But that’s just one of the factors developers have to consider when working on ultrawide. The wider aspect ratio field of view can be a big problem for games that initially only supported standard widescreen.