Ark Genesis 2 | How to tame Shadowmanes

Rebekah Jones
June 11, 2021 17:03 GMT

Shadowmans Is a new type of creature introduced in Genesis: Part 2, The last piece of DLC ARK: Survival Evolved..

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Not only do these majestic dinosaurs look like hell, they are also incredibly useful when tamed, as a transport, and when they play an aggressive role in combat.

How to tame Shadowmane in ARK Genesis 2

There is a unique non-violent method that you need to use when tame Shadowmanes.

The main item needed to put Shadowmane aside is a fishbasket with fish weighing 0.5 or more, equipped in the last slot of the hot bar. Ideally, you’ll have some of this item, as it will take several iterations to tame.

(Optional extras include a set of Gilly armor to reduce the chances of Shadowman detecting you, and a bug repellent to prevent insects from interfering with your attempt, but you need it. Only the fishbasket.)

Despite the friendly nature of your approach, Shadowmanes are aggressive creatures, so it’s important to get close to the middle of the day the creature is sleeping.

If you approach from the side or behind and accidentally wake it up, run away and calm down and try again. It is also advisable to approach the lonely Shadowman. Once angry, it awakens nearby pack members.

Feeding the sleeping shadow mane — yes, you should be able to eat while you sleep — disappears and wanders somewhere. Track with the Taming tracker, but be sure to sit down when you find a new place to break stealth and settle down, as you don’t want to get closer.

Awakening a sleeping Shadowman without proper feeding resets all tame progression. However, if attacked while the shadow mane is already occurring, the progress will not be reset.

For more information on how to tame new creatures in ARK Genesis 2, see the guide for finding Mutagel and using it to tame Tek Stryders.

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