Army of the Dead Review: Zack Snyder’s brilliant, ridiculous over-heap

Zack Snyder opening credits Army of the DeadYou can almost feel the dazzling smile of the director straddling the hedonistic brawl. In Las Vegas, carnivorous zombies are starting to outpace casinos. And they are consuming unprotected tourists just as quickly. Cannibalistic showgirls roam their prey. A slot machine junkie that bundles the rest of the pitans dodges newly infected people. The dim Elvis camouflage, the diagonal of the wig, vaguely sees the genocide while the graceful cover of Richard Cheese’s “Viva Las Vegas” soundstracks to the ridiculous bloodshed. It’s rare for a movie climax to occur in the first few minutes.

Following an unlimited freakout, Snyder’s thriller dresses in a spectacular robbery flick: A few months after the collapse of Las Vegas, wealthy hotel owner Britanka (Hiroyuki Sanada), who has a relationship with the government, Ask a group of mercenaries to infiltrate the overrun city of sin. In the basement of his former hotel, there is a $ 200 million tax exemption, trapped in a safe that is almost inaccessible. The team is led by the giant Scott Ward (Dave Bautista), who saved the Secretary of Defense from the Las Vegas catastrophe and won a medal, but is now flipping a burger in a low-rent canteen. He gathers a new-faced shabby group of former acquaintances and missions, including his estranged daughter Kate (Ella Purnell), and together heads for what looks like a near-suicide mission. They have to secure money within 48 hours as the United States is about to drop a nuclear warhead in an abandoned city.

Army of the DeadThe execution time of 148 minutes is tidy compared to the execution time of 242 minutes of the director. Justice League Cut it. But both films are full of great concepts, captivating set pieces, and annoying world-building that covers the serious benefits behind their main story. Snyder’s with fast-moving zombies, big guns, and even more personality Army of the Dead Even if his oversized ambition slows it down, it will satisfy the director’s accumulated hardcore fan base.

Photo: Clay Enos / Netflix

The film represents Snyder’s second foray with the undead. Dawn of the DeadHis 2004 remake of the George Romero Classic happens to be foresighted about what happened in 2020. Dawn of the DeadVarious groups of people are quarantined in shopping malls while the unknown virus is spreading nationwide and plague is spreading.Take his clues from 28 days later, Snyder used fast-moving zombies as his main horror.for Army of the Dead, He makes the next logical leap by making two kinds of carnivores: shambler (ignorant kind) and alpha (advanced kind). Early scenes show a muscular and intelligent Patient Zero zombie escaping from the Area 51 convoy. Fast-forwarding to the present of the movie, Las Vegas is not a prison for leader zombies, but his alpha kingdom. These sophisticated creatures open the door to elaborate action sequences, visceral killings, and powerful amounts of gussets.

Although carnivores have improved much from Dawn of the Dead, Large casts can use more sophisticated ones. To perform the surgery, Ward first involves his close friends: the violent mechanic Maria Cruz (Ana de la Reguera). The philosophical and circular saw Vanderoe (Omari Hardwick) and the talkative helicopter pilot Marianne (Tignotaro, who was green-screened in the film that was completed to replace Chris Delia after sexual harassment allegations). They include zombie hunting YouTube and Reddit sensation Mikey Guzman (Raúl Castillo), his friend Chambers (Samantha Win), and the meek German safety cracker Dieter (Matthias Schweighöfer). To monitor the group, Tanaka adds his slimy security officer Martin (Garret Dillahunt).

It’s already a fairly packed collection of contrasting personalities, but for Snyder there’s more. He is obsessed with the story of immigrants. Three refugee women seeking a better life set foot in Las Vegas to open slot machines to fund camp guards, but are stuck among zombies I will. The sexual predator (Theo Rossi) controls the refugee camp as a guard. A guide with a mountain of regret, Lily, also known as Coyote (Nora Arneseder), takes Ward’s team to the fallen city in hopes of finding a redemption. There are also zombie tigers, the undead Alpha King and Queen. Most viewers will find it difficult to remember all these players in the story, especially because their character development is jagged at best and, at worst, illogical and abused.

However, few people come to Snyder movies because of logic. They are paying for the sight of escapism.And Army of the Dead We have a lot. Soft lenses capture the tattered Las Vegas landscape, scattered with dry corpses and collapsing skylines. The setting serves as a great post-capitalist background to accurate shootout swarms. For example, the flashy highlight reels of cascade bullets and spinning baseball bats see the team imagining Kick-Ass Route heading to an abandoned hotel. Other skirmishes occur in a claustrophobic environment: one involves a maze of hibernating carnivores. Another sees Boutista providing accurate headshots while running in slow motion through the island of roulette tables. Others take place in the sky where helicopters travel between dilapidated skyscrapers.

Shirtless zombies jump over a bank of slot machines as hordes of undead invade the Army of the Dead casino.

Photo: Clay Enos / Netflix

Snyder understands the tonality of modern zombie movies.favorite Dawn of the Dead, That’s where his trademark Snark shines the most. One moment of laughter includes a newscaster quoting the president’s decision to bomb Vegas on July 4. If you think about it, it’s actually a kind of patriotic. If Army of the Dead It was a dark comedy, but it quickly became a hassle. Since his first film, Snyder has certainly added a heartfelt tenor to his over-decorated storytelling: the failed father-daughter relationship between Scott and Kate has all oversized shootouts. Supports and supplies the movie with real-world heartache. Snyder also has a boutista. Bautista’s advanced bodily sensations are further transformed into his quiet loneliness. Some scenes here are reminiscent of his wonderful work as a soulful replicant. Blade Runner 2049..

Viewers’ mileage in this zombie robbery thriller varies. There are several points where you can feel the sloppy pace of navigating this minefield coward’s slow-moving exaggerated caper. It feels like a smooth 110-minute movie is hidden here, focusing on the wounds of the paternal driver driving Scott, as well as the robbery itself. Classic dreck covers such as “The End” and “Viva Las Vegas” also make rich epics cheaper. Countless casts make the case even more confusing. One narratively essential character literally disappears towards the end. And there’s an interesting concept nugget that can be further developed into a delicious subplot if it doesn’t cast too much shadow on the size of this movie.

Snyder parts Army of the Dead Definitely stronger than the whole. But if you’re looking for a ridiculous onslaught of blood and internal organs fused with sharp tongue humor Army of the Dead It’s a big swaying zombie movie of your fantasy.

Army of the Dead I’m in the theater and I’m currently streaming on Netflix.