As a child, the game pass on Christmas Day will feel incredible

You are 12 years old this year. Video games are a luxury, and this is a matter of course. They are expensive, and you are happy with what you get-maybe two new games will be launched within a year. Think carefully about what you will choose, because you will play many, many times. If your friend doesn’t like to play big hands like you do, you may play more games by making strange leases. Most games are played through the pages of electronic game magazines. Usually there are more pictures than words, but this is good.

You got the Special Championship Edition of Street Fighter 2 on Christmas Day. This is a game you can play with your brothers and friends. This is a beautiful day. No one denies this. Later that day, you read the latest issue of Mean Machines. Maybe, you think, you should ask for Sonic Spinball.

Then Santa Claus came in. It’s 4 o’clock in the afternoon on Christmas Day, but who cares? You don’t argue with the boss. He held a gold ticket with the words “Game Pass Ultimate” printed on it, and he gave it to you.

Suddenly, your stockings get bigger, and then burst open, and Mega Drive games are piled up like a mountain. You can’t believe your eyes of “getting up at 4 in the morning”. This is the miracle of Christmas. You switch between Aladdin, Gods and Chuck Rock 2, yes, even Sonic Spinball. What kind of magic is this? Sonic Spinball is really that good or are you blinded by the fact that you stupidly liked Sonic the Hedgehog when you were a kid?

Of course, that was a different era. Number games are not the same thing. The Internet is not even the same thing. If you want to view the game outside of the screenshots before purchasing, you must ask your mom to persuade the people at Dixons to give you a try on the demo unit. But I did think about what it’s like to be a kid now, and maybe have so many easily accessible games. I will be on the moon.

Of course, there are also arguments against Game Pass, mainly focusing on not owning the game and the service eventually distorting the development in order to maximize participation and keep the Game Pass subscription continuing. I have never been a game collector. I would sell the few games that I had to fund part of the purchase of new games, and then sell the entire console to get other things. Therefore, the game pass loop title in and out of the service will not bother me at all.

My objection to those who oppose Game Pass is that it opens up games to more people. As a child, the feeling of missing out may be the greatest. There is always a child who has everything, or worse, a family member who has everything-SNES, and the turtle games and super sights you really want. It’s impossible to have everything, most of us know this, but if little Jimmy and Julie really want to play Forza Horizon 5 with the kids in the class, and Game Pass makes this possible, that’s great.

Regardless of the age rating, I am 12 years old this year and I will have a very beautiful Christmas with a Game Pass Ultimate membership: Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5, Minecraft, Psychonauts 2, Among us, Dirt 5, Football Manager, Master Chief Collection, Hades… the list is endless.This doesn’t even include my favorite games if only Explore and have fun with Game Pass.

As a child born in the 80s and 90s, the idea of ​​a service like Game Pass is unimaginable. That kind of thought laughed on the school playground. It is hard to imagine that it does not exist now. Today’s children are having a great time, at least in the world of video games.