As the release issue continues, Battlefield 2042 is making players bleed

Seems to be due to Battlefield 2042With countless release issues, it looks like players are leaving the game in droves.

Leaving aside all technical issues, Battlefield 2042 was actually quite popular at the time of its release, ranking the top five most active games on Steam, and a similar list on Xbox Live. Today, less than two weeks after its release, the game lost more than 60% of active players on Steam.

As seen above Steam database, The highest number of concurrent players in the battlefield in the past 24 hours is 34,005, which is lower than the peak of 105,397 on the day of release. For most games, losing players after release is normal, but the speed at which this happens is worrying. For now, “Simulation Farm 22” is now more popular than “Battlefield 2042”.

In fact, these numbers only reflect the population on Steam. Battlefield 2042 can be purchased directly on Origin or through the Epic Games Store. Since there is no number of players in the game, we cannot say with certainty whether the situation on these platforms is equally severe.

However, another statistic does paint an unpleasant picture of the popularity of the game.according to True achievement, Only 43% of Xbox players successfully reached level 15. This is easy to achieve in the early stages of progress, and can be easily achieved in just a few days of gaming. As for level 25, only 22% of players reached it. Things are better on PlayStation, where 36% of players unlocked level 25 trophies.

For reference, level 25 is far from getting all the game unlocks.

What’s interesting is that recently I have encountered more AI robots in public competitions than usual, even in cross games. For example, Hazard Zone takes a long time for the game to progress, so that it makes no sense to wait in line for it.

DICE has promised to release a major patch in early December, which will be the biggest patch for the game to date. The developer has solved the problem of excessive weapon bloom in the first update, but the journey is far from over.

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