Ascent hits Xbox and PC in July

Ascent, the future dystopian vision of Neon Giant, will arrive on July 29th. Ascent will be available on the Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, and PC, and will participate in the Xbox Game Pass. I had the opportunity to play the demo for the next title. This is an isometric cyberpunk with lots of quests, lots of looting, a lot of customization, and relentless action.Despite feeling absolutely kind Blade Runner Or in the Shadowrun world, many of these latest game brands in isometric spaces have decided to adopt the classic CRPG feel. Not ascent.

Ascent takes place in the world of gloomy trading, cybernetic implants and neon lights, but combat is action-oriented and far from turn-based fares. Mastering dodge rolling and window reloading is essential, especially when under threat from giant creatures with goons with hammers and violent guns.

I didn’t have the opportunity to try the game in a short amount of time, but The Ascent has collaborative gameplay with up to four players, which is interesting. The pace was fast and ferocious, and I died over and over again in my session. But I was constantly learning, leveling up and finding new equipment. All factors made a big difference when throwing themselves into a swarm of enemies. From small poppy pistols to heavy shotguns, each weapon has a different style to master while manipulating, trying to find a suitable evasion window and hit back enemies before reloading. There is no ammo meter to worry about, but something like a riot gun may only provide a few shots before managing a long reload window, while automatic rifles can fire a large number of bullets, The impact from hit to hit is not that great.

In addition to choosing weapons and armor, you need to allocate skill points in the traditional way to improve your character. My build relies on hitting hard, staying alive, and counting every shot, so I focused on a big hitpoint pool and critical hit chances. Extensions (similar to cybernetic implants) allow you to further customize your kit so you can dash punch and crush people who dare to get too close while reloading or trying to get out of fraying. I did. Check out the announcement trailer below:

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