Ash is Apex Legends’ next playable hero, and the season 11 trailer will be released later this week

Apex Legend When Season 11-Escape-begins sometime in the near future, another new hero Ash is being acquired.

Thanks to the new story (embedded below) in the Outlands trailer released by Apex Legends developer Respawn and publisher EA today, we know the name and background story of the next character we will play: Ash. “Ash has finished just overseeing the game: she is ready to win the game and prove that she is an Apex Predator,” Respawn said to the new hero Game official website.

If you are interested in the legend of Titanfall/Apex Legends, you may remember Ash in the second game; Ashleigh’Ash’ Reid is a Simulacrum pilot and badass from Titanfall 2. However, since we saw her in the last game, some changes have taken place in her. The video embedded above gives us an insight into how she became the weird robot creature today.

Xiaozhi has been wandering around the game since the start of Season 9 and the launch of the Arena, so it’s no surprise to see her appear as a playable legend.

If you want to know more about her-including her way of playing and her abilities, you can look forward to the release trailer of Apex Legends: Escape. Respawn pointed out that the trailer will be available. October 21.

The new season will also introduce another return of the Titans, CAR SMG, and introduce more map changes. “A flexible weapon, when you are ready to stand and become the last legend still standing, CAR SMG is a gun,” the weapon’s profile says.

“No matter how beautiful it looks, every corner of Outland is a dangerous place. You better remember this,” teasing the site under the mysterious “storm is coming” banner. Basically, your favorite POI will be destroyed.