Assassin’s Creed Valhara | Need to kill or spare Ciara?

In Assassin’s Creed Valhara Druid DLC Wrath, Eivor plays Kingmaker again. After joining his cousin on the Irish island, Eivor managed to install Francinna as a hike, despite plotting an evil subfaction of the Druids.

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At the climax of the story, fearing the stability of their hometown and the future of Christianity, the little Irish kings persecuted the entire Druid, despite the protests of his longtime adviser and poet Ciara. I put pressure on Fran to do it.

Distracted by the prospect that her family and friends will be forced to abandon their culture, Ciara awakens the ancient stone monolith (probably a large piece of Eden) to Fran and other kings. On the other hand, escape to Tuam to unleash its power.

After defeating a fighter mind-controlled by Ciara and Eden Fragments in battle, Iver is presented with a difficult choice.

Should they kill Ciara so that the power of the monolith is never used again? Or do you need to find another way to save Ciara’s life and solve the problem?

If you select one of the options, it will look like this:As you can imagine, this spoiler alert About what happens after both choices.

Assassin’s Creed Valhara Druid’s Wrath | Need to Kill or Spare Ciara?

Throughout his adventures in Ireland, Ciara was Eivor’s welcome friend and wise adviser to Flann Sinna. However, it can be difficult for her to return to normal life after showing the full range of power she can seek.

Despite reflecting on her actions, Ciara begs Eivor to kill her so that it is not used again by malicious entities.

Without going into too much detail first Both options can be selected and the result will be about the same..

Check the list below for a detailed description.

If you choose to spare Ciara:

  • Despite its importance to Druids and her ancestors, she is confident that if you spare Ciara’s life, she will destroy the monolith and remove its power from the world.
  • Fran apologizes to Ciara and vows to protect the true Irish Druids
  • Siara leaves Fran’s court and lives away from those who might try to use her power.
  • In the next scene, Fran tells Aber that the Inquisition has been canceled, and Aber remakes Ciara will be happy with the result.

If you choose to kill Ciara:

  • Eivor overthrew Ciara and Flann destroyed the monolith himself.
  • Then a very similar scene is played, Fran tells Eivor that the Inquisition has been stopped, and Eivor says that Ciara would have been sadly pleased.

Basically, the only difference between the two options seems to be that Ciara is dead. In either case, the monolith will be destroyed and the Inquisition will be suspended.

Therefore, you are free to save Ciara’s life if you want, with few consequences.

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