At the Nintendo Tree House, we’ll take a closer look at the Metroid Dread’s Phantom Cloak feature.

Metroid dreads were one of the biggest announcements from Nintendo’s E3 showcase, so it’s fair to have extra airtime during the treehouse stream. Earlier tonight, we introduced some great new features, such as an Omega Blaster upgrade and a cool slide move for your favorite galactic travelers. However, the protagonist of the show is Samus’ new Aion ability, the Phantom Cloak.

According to the Treehouse stream, Aeion’s abilities play differently on Metroid dreads. After Samus gets a phantom cloak from his devilish-looking boss, she can disappear for a limited time and then proceed through the “presence door.” However, this great power-up also has some drawbacks. Not only does Samus move much slower when he has a cloak, but after a period of time he begins to exhaust her health. Here, Metroid fans need to use phantom cloaks strategically and don’t rely on their unique qualities.

Thankfully, fans don’t have to wait too long before embarking on a new space adventure when Metroid Dread is released for the Nintendo Switch on October 8.

Source: Nintendo Tree House