Atlus plans to launch a “fun and satisfy everyone” pillar game in 2022

As 2021 draws to a close, many people are wondering what plans the game industry will have in the coming year. Specific to Atlus Co., Ltd., they seem to have very ambitious plans.In an interview with a Japanese publication Faguang, Shinjiro Takada, Product Manager of the First Production Department of the Creative Department (Developer Goddess Reincarnation, Etrian OdysseyEtc.), he shared his hopes for the company in 2022, giving us a sense of what we might expect to see.

I chose “challenge” as the key word in 2022, hoping to release a game that can become the backbone of Atlus. Everyone at Atlus is working hard to develop this game to make everyone feel interesting and satisfied, so please look forward to it.

(Translated by Central figure)

No one knows what game Takata is referring to. It is unlikely to be the expected “Project Re Fantasy” because the title has been confirmed to be developed by the studio Zero, an independent Atlus division led by the producer of the Persona series. When considering the future Atlus project, “Project Pen” is thought of, but due to the mysterious rating of the Australian Classification Board, we have no definite information other than its existence. No matter what it is, I hope we can find it as soon as possible.

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