Atsushi Inaba is the new CEO of Platinum Games

Platinum Games now has a new CEO, former VP Atsushi Inaba, who has been promoted at the development studio to become the company’s new CEO. The company’s former CEO, Kenichi Sato, will step down in December 2021. Mr. Inaba has been with the company for many years and will retain the title of head of the studio. He wrote an open letter to fans about the company’s beliefs and ideals, which you can read below.

“Creating innovative forms of gaming. That’s what PlatinumGames was founded on. It’s something that will never change.

The game comes in a variety of different styles for different types of people. In essence, they are the true expression of freedom: ideas come together freely to create an idea, expand it, and then really play with it. The real joy of games comes from the freedom they give to creators and users – which is why I believe they are an amazing form of entertainment.

Approaching “fun” with complete sincerity has always been important to me. I believe every one of our employees is proud to be an entertainer who always tries to strike the perfect balance between game and professionalism.

Creating a new, enjoyable game starts with the creator being able to enjoy the game himself. Creators then have to keep building on their ideas until they have something to convey that joy to anyone who experiences it—consideration of the user makes all the difference.

Since our inception, our overarching goal of entering self-publishing has remained the same: to invent something new and share it with the rest of the world—showing our sincerity in creating every step of the way.

People from different backgrounds and languages ​​all come together through a single controller. Smiles made by a new kind of game.

It connects us and sets us free.

This is a job I am very proud of.

As I move towards new challenges in the future, I want to provide more and more experiences for all users. “

President/Studio Head
Atsushi Inaba

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