Attack the Block 2 reunites John Boyega and Joe Cornish

10 years after the first release, SF Cult Classic Attack the block I’m getting a sequel, The deadline is clear on Monday. Returning from the original film are writer and director Joe Cornish and star John Boyega.

In the original film, Boyega plays Moses, a young resident of South London. Moses, along with his neighbors, must protect the skyscrapers from extraterrestrial invaders. Moses’ friends include Samantha, played by Jodie Whittaker (Doctor Who), Ron played by Nick Frost (Shaun of the Dead),

Unfortunately, the announcement of the new sequel did not include plot details, but it’s probably a safe bet that some kind of hostile alien life has returned to London. The announcement also did not mention whether someone else would return from the cast of the first movie, or whether Boyega would just replay his original role.

Attack the block Shortly after its release in 2011, he became a cult hit and internet darling. But the film created a wave that went far beyond the appeal of the audience. It also proved to be a breakout role before John Boyega led the Star Wars franchise in the sequel trilogy.

Director Joe Cornish has his time since the original Attack the block It’s a little turbulent.He co-authored Marvel’s script Antman Wrote and directed the 2019 film with Edgar Wright in 2015 Child to be king..Cornish is also signing on to write, direct and adapt to Mark Millar’s comic series. Starlight..