Attention Destiny 2 players – start using your Gunsmith parts today!

beware Destiny 2 Players, especially those with hundreds of thousands of gun parts scattered around.a new change gunsmith It’s been teased ahead of Bungie’s weekly blog post, and the final removal of gun parts, so it’s time to head over to The Tower and trade them in for some new guns.

The tease in question comes from a tweet from Bungie Senior Community Manager Dylan Gafner (link below), which lists the main points of discussion we’ll see in this week’s blog post. All of this information is important, such as information on power levels and the release date of the next raid, but it’s the call to action on the Gunsmith mat that has caught the attention of the entire community.

For those unaware, gunsmith materials (also known as gunsmith mats) are available whenever you disassemble a weapon in Destiny 2. As a game full of loot and weapons, players have little intention of changing long after they have picked up a special weapon, most of the guns you pick up ae are usually taken apart. This in turn results in piles of Gunsmith mats.

While you can give these to the Gunsmith to get weapon Engrams, and are probably weapons with pretty decent perks, they’re usually available at power levels well below the current cap. As a result, many players have let these materials build up over time.

Thanks to this little teaser, players have flocked to the Destiny 2 subreddit to show off the plethora of Gunsmith pads they’re trying to burn right now before being permanently eliminated.One of the users CalmPilot101 has A whopping 106,926 gun parts on display They need to work with 733 other consumables, which will further boost Gunsmith’s reputation. To be fair, players like CalmPilot101 will be handing over their pads for a while.

If you can’t tell from the fact that players have allowed this resource to pile up into the hundreds of thousands, this is a much needed change. While it’s a pain to log in and have to peruse all this material, it’s worth it if we’re going to receive a system that proves more relevant in the later stages of the game. For those who want to do this, be sure to check out the guns you get from the gunsmith in exchange for all those pads. You may win yourself a weapon with desirable characteristics.

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