Audio-Technica ATH-GDL3 gaming headset review

Audio-Technica is a favorite brand of enthusiasts, but its influence in the game field is relatively small. Fair enough: The company only entered the stage in 2014, but the Japanese company has not yet produced a set of cans that we consider to be one of the best gaming headsets. They are also usually expensive transactions.

This may change with Audio-Technica’s 2021 products. Evaluations of early Audio-Technica outings often praised their audio, but also criticized their cost and construction. ATH-GDL3 is a wired open back design with a 45mm driver, a detachable cantilever microphone and simple onboard controls-a mute button and a volume wheel. It weighs approximately 220 grams, a comfortable and traditional headrest was chosen, and-subjectively speaking-it also looks very elegant.