Autumn in India: the sun ash before winter and the feast of November

Winter is coming, and this is the last entry in our Autumn India series. Therefore, it seems that only by ending with a large number of excellent games can players continue to survive in the long and dark months to come. One of our most anticipated games this year, Solar Ash, was originally scheduled to arrive earlier this season, but now it is just in time for the coldest time of the year. Although the night is getting darker, but for the rest of this year, we still pay attention to a large number of bright independent releases.

Lots of fall releases

The last leaves are falling, but there is no shortage of independent suppliers, as there are many appetizers for the upcoming feast. The action-packed adventure game The Pathless created by the creators of Abz├╗, the excellent roguelike Death’s Door and the short but sweet A Short Hike will all land on the new platform. In addition to additional dishes such as Moncage and Undungeon, the gaming table this month is also full of delicious food.


PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PC, iOS

Giant Squid’s action-adventure game was released exclusively as a PlayStation console and Epic Games Store last year, but it is now entering Steam. As a hunter, you take your eagle through a vibrant open world to make a pincushion with corrupted souls and break the curse of this land. Although this is a very important goal, you should also spend time petting your feathered friend, because it is not only cute, but you can fly over the scenery with your eagle, and all your efforts are worthy of reward. Pathless landed on Steam on November 16.


Computer, iOS, Android

If the mysterious puzzle cube sounds appealing to you, you will want to check it out when Moncage launches on November 16. On the surface, this seems to be a simple challenge. You have to rotate a box of connected shapes to progress. There are different scenes on each side of the cube, and you will solve this puzzle by finding out which object in one scene matches the other scene perfectly. However, as the scenario becomes more and more complex, the answer becomes more and more difficult to find. Although the puzzle game has no dialogue, this does not prevent it from folding narrative prompts into ever-changing challenges.

Short hike

PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC

In the recent Wholesome Snack Showcase, A Short Hike made an unexpected appearance, announcing that it will migrate to PlayStation and Xbox game consoles this week. As the title implies, this game does not take long to complete, but its journey is very touching and full of fun. As a young bird, you head to Eagle Peak Provincial Park to stay away from the world and climb its highest peak. You can even choose to increase the visual effects of the game to 4K on a new generation of consoles. On the new platform on November 16, the stylized beauty of A Short Hike will be clearer.


personal computer

Have you ever wanted to settle down after experiencing so many adventures? Maybe use the fruits of your dungeon labor to build a tavern? Tavern Master will arrive on November 16 to get you started. It is not easy to develop your charming medieval bar from a room setting into a prosperous kingdom of tables, waiters and refreshments. Before expanding the kitchen and guest rooms, you must attract paying customers through special events and one or two outstanding minstrels.

Wandering Trails: Hiking Game

personal computer

It is difficult to think of a better way to escape the increasingly cold weather in the real world than jumping into a sun-dappled field, sparkling lake, and stress-free world. Wandering Trails is about peaceful exploration. There is no battle-even a goal other than admiring the scenery-you can travel through the game’s 20 square kilometers of wilderness at will. Equipped with a convenient camera, you can take creative shots of various wild animals, dynamic weather or unforgettable landmarks in the game. Or, you can enjoy the view when the game is released on November 17.


Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC

Undungeon will be launched on Xbox consoles via Game Pass and PC on November 18, and set out to reproduce the feeling of yesterday’s action RPG in a game designed for modern times. In this sci-fi adventure, spectacular pixel art graphics are combined with crazy battles. According to the developer, the details of the world are incredible, and every element of the game, including the smallest clump of leaves, is hand-painted. This story is also puzzling, because your pursuit of restoring multidimensional order will lead you to build a multiverse according to your wishes.

Alien One

Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC

From the changing rhythm of the battle-centric pixelated sci-fi world in the dungeon, we enter the incredible naturalism and fascinating alien journey in Exo One. This interstellar exploration game has been in development for nearly five years, and its release in 2020 is expected to be delayed by one year. However, it will land on Steam and Game Pass on November 18. The game puts you in charge of a strange, disk-like spacecraft, and you will sail through many absolutely stunning alien landscapes.

Death’s door

PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC

For many people, Dead Gate is not only one of the best indie games of the year, but also one of the best games of the year. The roguelike game starring Death Raven was released on Xbox consoles and PCs this summer, but this popular game is now coming to the PlayStation platform and Switch next week. Fight against forces that try to stop death, traverse cleverly designed levels, and watch the story unfold as you overcome the formidable challenges of the game. Death’s Gate will land in its new habitat on November 23.


personal computer

After successfully crowdfunding on Kickstarter for a little over a year, Len’s Island will enter the early access stage on November 26. Described as a fusion of action, exploration, simulation and construction, the upcoming game is expected to cater to fans of “hardcore dungeon crawlers”, house builders and decorators, explorers and finishers, agricultural enthusiasts, collectors hoarders, and People who just want to live a simple life of cutting trees when the sun goes down. “The most important thing is that Ren Island seems to have a dark secret lurking under its idyllic coast.

Hot India in cold weather

There are a large number of subtitles moving in this direction, and even if this comprehensive series is over, you will not be left out. This is a useful list of some of the major versions that have fallen with the snow for the rest of the year.

Solar gray

PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PC

After a delay a few weeks ago, Solar Ash will slide in before the end of the fall. The colorful game looks and action are lively and lively, telling the story of the void runner Rei seeking to save her home from the growing threat of Ultravoid that devours the world. Jumping into the crack, the player will sprint, crush and struggle in the void. Along the way, you must defeat huge enemies and attack their weaknesses-like the shadow of a colossus soaked in neon lights. Solar Ash will be released on December 2.

Between us

PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, iOS, Android

The debut of our PlayStation and Xbox consoles between us is scheduled for December 14th-before the winter around us is approaching. The social interpretation/friendship end murder simulator is incredibly popular on PC in 2020, but now everyone is invited to join. There are many reasons for new and returning crew members to record hours in Innersloth’s killer title.

Card shark

Switch, computer

When the developer Nerial’s Card Shark is traded later this year, get ready to enter the circle of winners. This game has an irresistible hand-painted art style and the luxurious background of France in the 1700s. It is a feast for the eyes. But the gorgeous details of Card Shark are not the only things you can forget. Your opponent will not be fooled in these high-risk games, and some of the dangerous games in this title are not the kind of cards you play.

Fresh frosted

personal computer

“Fresh apples, hot apple cider, and delicious maple stick donuts. The perfect autumn day.” There is nothing wrong with this sentence recently posted on the game’s official Twitter. So I hope this sweet puzzle project can get a delivery date in the near future. In Freshly Frosted, your job is to ensure that before reaching the end of the production line, a series of delightful delicacies are properly decorated with icing, sprinkling, etc. You will do this by setting up a maze of winding conveyor belts in and around specialized candy making machines. Send donuts, cookies, etc. along the path in the correct order to enter the next level, then go out and reward yourself with sweets.

Where there is no courage

Switch, computer

Currently scheduled to be released in 2021, No Place For Bravery is a brutal action role-playing game with pixel graphics. You will play as Thorn, an elderly warrior, trekking in a deadly world, fighting enemies one by one while searching for his daughter. The top-down title has some vicious battles where even the smallest enemy can knock down a careless warrior. Developer Ysbryd hinted that a choice-driven narrative may be equivalent to the cruelty of battle, and the moral dilemma faced by players is becoming more and more challenging. Between navigating these choices and defeating the enemy, reuniting with your daughter will be an uphill battle.

Soup pot

Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC

Soup Pot is ready to greet you with a hot bowl after a cold day launched later this year. It is not limited to soup. This gourmet cooking adventure showcases more than 100 dishes for you to cook and serve to your fictitious social media audience. There are a variety of kitchen types to choose from, and you can set up your favorite 3D cooking table before getting a few ingredients. The game encourages players to explore cooking, mixing and matching ingredients, and see what happens.


PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC

Although Wedgwood looks incredible and the fairytale world seems ready to welcome a knight in shiny armor or a tragic girl in the spotlight, it is actually the witch at the center of the story. Before, her eyes looked a little different. Recently awakened from a mysterious sleep, the atypical protagonist of the game discovers that she has made a deal with a suspicious goat, and there seems to be no way to get rid of it. Fortunately, there is some magic around you. Wytchwood is scheduled to be released on the PlayStation platform before the end of the fall.

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