Avatar: Pandora tech Frontier introduces improvements to the details added to the Snowdrop engine

Massive described the upgrades we made to the Snowdrop engine to create avatars. Pandora’s frontier not only shines with new systems, but also ensures that new generations of hardware are available.

Ubisoft Massive said it had upgraded the Snowdrop engine and made significant improvements, which was needed to create the next title. Avatar: Pandora Frontier For the latest generation consoles.

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At Snowdrop’s tech showcase, Massive’s team, known as The Divison, talks about how to handle thousands of assets in a single frame by upgrading the engine and its advanced micro data system. This allows the team to place more objects in the game than in previous titles, allowing for a more vegetated and detailed environment.

The engine also produces interactive shaders that stand out with in-game player changes. This includes wind simulations and plant interactions.

Snowdrop also leverages real-time ray tracing to improve in-game lighting, from bioluminescence of creatures to light and shadow, to a variety of lighting around clouds.

It also makes the time cycle and weather more realistic. In the game, NPCs respond to both weather and time of day. This also means that unplayable characters can react to the state of the world as the player progresses.

The video goes a little further, and you need to watch it as it’s not very technical.

At the Ubisoft Forward earlier this month, the company showed us the game’s debut trailer, which was pretty impressive.

In development after 2017, the first-person action-adventure game will focus on the battle of Navi against humans and the industrialization of Pandora.

Avatar: Pandora’s Frontier will be released in 2022 and will be available on Luna, PC, PS5, Stadia and Xbox Series X / S.