Awesome Games Done Quick Hits Event Donation History

The annual Awesome Games Done Quick marathon came to a close last weekend, breaking records along the way, including the amount the event raised for charity in one event.

Tops the total donations of any Games Done Quick event, with a massive $3,416,729 in donations at the end of the marathon, with more donations received afterwards. The previous record was around $3.1 million, and the new total easily surpassed that figure.

Awesome Games Done Quick and its aptly named summer event sibling, Summer Games Done Quick, is a week-long streaming marathon where speedrunners showcase their fastest times to finish the race and raise money for worthy charities. This year’s AGDQ featured some really interesting gaming exhibits, such as Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories, blindfolded running Sekiro, Eternal Darkness (first aired on AGDQ) and Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade. The show ends with the 1 hour 21 minute Metal Gear Solid “All Bosses” playthrough.View any running activity from the past week Game Complete Quick YouTube Page.

Congratulations to the Cancer Prevention Foundation, the staff at Games Done Quick and the runners who participated in the ADGQ, and those who donated to great causes.If you are interested in raising your donation total further, look like The AGDQ page is still accepting submissions.