AyaNeo Next handheld gaming PC competes with Steam Deck

PC games are becoming more and more portable. Mini computers such as Corsair’s new One i300 are all the rage, and can also stream PC games to mobile devices or TVs. Valve’s Steam Deck will become a new portable PC gaming experience and is causing some competition.

Ajanio Is a company that seems to place more emphasis on portable gaming PCs. Its device series look a lot like Steam Deck, and it also happens to look a lot like Nintendo Switch. There is a wide screen in the center. There are analog joysticks, arrow keys and face buttons on both sides of the controller, but there are huge differences in structure and price between the two. For example, the AyaNeo 2021 Pro is equipped with an AMD Ryzen 7 4800U CPU with 1TB SSD and is priced at US$1,315. In comparison, Steam Decks had a maximum memory capacity of 512 GB when it was released in February, and the price was $649.